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The current best height increase method is lateral synovial joint loading.  If you want to get taller you should start there.  It works because red bone marrow is present in the epiphysis(ends) of the bones but not the diaphysis(center) by laterally loading the epiphysis of the long bones you are transporting red bone marrow stem cells into the hyaline cartilage growth plate line.  The hyaline cartilage growth plate line contains genetic instructions that cause mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate into chondrocytes which differentiate into hypertrophic chondrocytes.

Study that shows that stem cells plus hyaline cartilage equals height growth.

Proof that Lateral Synovial Joint Loading increases chondrocytes proliferation and differentiation on mice.

Here's a study with a diagram of Lateral Synovial Joint Loading being performed on rats.  This was before Hiroki Yokota and P. Zhang realized it's potential to increase bone length.

This is the current experimental lateral synovial joint loading routine:

Height Increase Method | Proof that Growing Taller with Lateral Synovial Joint Loading is possible

Here's some information about other Height Increase Methods(like methods for short and irregular bones):

Height Increase Methods | Miscellaneous

Their are several ways to increase the height of the long bones.

1.  Increase Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Resting Zone of the Growth Plate
(Needs stem cells to already be there or to send new stem cells to the growth plate line by injection or via Lateral Synovial Joint Loading)
2. Maximize chondrocyte hypertrophy with IGF-1
3. Increase stem cell proliferation with Lithium
4. Increase bone length by stretching the bone
5. Increase the amount of DNA Methylation with HGH.

Here are my thoughts about Sky's Height Increase Clinic:

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Here's investigation about what the real cause of Gigantism is:

Gigantism | The True Cause

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