Monday, September 21, 2009


ePHa5 is upregulated 2.65 fold by LSJL.

MicroRNA-34a regulates migration of chondroblast and IL-1β-induced degeneration of chondrocytes by targeting EphA5.

"expression of miR-34a increased upon chondrogenic inhibition. Blockade of miR-34a via PNA-based antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) recovered the chondro-inhibitory actions of JNK inhibitor on migration of chondrogenic progenitors and the formation of precartilage condensation. Furthermore, we determined that EphA5 is a relevant target of miR-34a during chondrogenesis. MiR-34a was necessary and sufficient to down-regulate EphA5 expression, and up-modulation of EphA5 is sufficient to overcome inhibitory actions of miR-34 inhibition on cell migration and condensation of chick limb mesenchymal cells on collagen substrate."

EphA5 which is upregulated with LSJL is associated with chondrogenic migration and condensation.

"the protein level of type II collagen, a typical marker for chondrogenic differentiation, decreased when cells were exposed to JNK inhibitors"<-the upregulation of ePHa5 is also indicative that LSJL induces the JNK pathway.

"Down-regulation of cell migration by JNK inhibitor was overcome by co-treatment of miR-34a inhibitor under inactivation condition of endogenous EphA receptors."

"MiR-34 is known to target Notch, HMGA2, and Bcl-2"

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