Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shortness decrease update with LSJL

My attempt at decreasing my shortness is coming along slowly but surely.  Previous results are here: Bone Length Increase.  Lots of people have reported small incremental gains(including myself) and then the gains taper off.  I think that might be due to telomere shortening.  LSJL upregulates genes in the TGF Beta, ECM, PI3K, and Wnt pathways.  The TGF-Beta pathway results in telomere shortening(TGF Beta isn't bad, I like to think of it as paying a toll, you get a cell division you have to pay with a telomere).

Astralagus(or possibly TA-65 as Astralagus may not have sufficient quantities of TAT2) may reverse telomere shortening.  Post epiphyseal fusion, LSJL either works by new osteoblast bone deposition beneath the subchondral plate or by organic development of chondrocytes(all that's needed is Type I collagen & hydrostatic pressure which is generated by LSJL to cause differentation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes).  Why I and others experienced rapid growth and then slowed(many have reported noticing growth of millimeters within the first week) is that the telomeres of the MSCs are too short to allow for further cell division.

Pre-fusion you not only want to simulate telomeres but you want to stimulate DNA Methylation, cGMP, IGF-1, Testosterone, etc.  Of course, telomerase can be stimulated by things like aerobic exercise as well which explains why height gains have slowed but not ceased as the body might need time to replenish.

Pic number 3 is a before calcaneus(heel bone) pic.  Pic Number 4 is current.  The ruler is there to show the difference between the stimulated and unstimulated part of the foot(unfortunately I didn't think to do this in the before pic).  Stimulated meaning performing LSJL with table clamp for 30 seconds and tapping with 10lbs dumbell for 10 seconds daily.  But, there's the confounding variable that there's an awful lot of skin at the bottom of the foot(but that compresses when standing unlike(mostly) the bone).

Right now I'm doing 30 seconds clamp, 30 seconds 75 lbs dumbell, and 30 taps with 10 lbs dumbell.  I'm pretty consistently 5'9 1/2" which is up from my initial 5'8 1/2" but no big height gains lately.


  1. Excellent, you've gained one whole inch in height! That's a big accomplishment, if you ask me.

  2. im no expert but i dont think your lack of gains is due to less telomeres. this would also mean that your bones got like 40 years older in a few months and that if you broke your bone in that area it would not grow back because your cells cant replicate. maybe this is due to a negative feed back mechanism or because you are reaching plateaus.

    what % of your gains would you say the suppliments you are taking contribute to?

    you said that lsjl works differently for open plates and closed ones. but will lsjl be more effective for open plates or the same as closed ones?

  3. where can I buy the clamps?
    what do you mean by doing "30 seconds 75 lbs dumbbell"?

  4. Annonymous #2: LSJL would be more effective for open plates(the proper term would be with a present hyaline cartilage growth plate line). This creates a better environment for stem cells to differentiate into chondrocytes.

    You are probably right about it not being telomeres. I only thought that because of the link between LSJL TGF-Beta and Telomerase.

    Annonymous #3: I have info on the C-class clamp on the page that says (*Updated exerperimental LSJL routine*). I have info about dumbell loading on that page as well.