Monday, April 18, 2011


Metaphyseal and diaphyseal chondroblastomas.

"There were four males and three females (age range 2-25 years) [with chondroblastomas]. Locations included proximal femur (n = 1), distal femur (2), proximal humerus (2), clavicle (1), and proximal radius (1). All lesions showed marginal sclerosis. A periosteal reaction was seen in five cases (71%), cortical expansion in four cases (57%), and chondroid matrix in four cases (57%). A CT (two cases) demonstrated a matrix in both cases. An MR (one case) showed extensive perilesional edema. Bone scan (one case) showed intense uptake."

"A 20-month-old female with swelling of the right forearm"<-that is certainly an alteration in bone shape and size.

"A 15-year-old female presenting with pain in the right shoulder""This lesion borders but does not transgress the closed growth plate"<-chondroblastomas can occur in closed growth plate.
25 year old male also with chondroblastoma and closed growth plate.

"chondroblastoma originates from a mesenchymal cell committed toward chondrogenesis via active growth plate signaling pathways"

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