Wednesday, June 1, 2011

LSJL Update-Bone Length Increase

Here's the link to the last set of pictures.  Here's the latest pictures:

The ruler is over so I can make sure to get the right angle measurements.  Last Measurements:  We had the epiphysis at around 3 7/8".  The increments in the tape measurer are blurry so I've labeled some key points.  The finger experiment is going slowly.  The epiphysis now looks to be about 4 1/8".  In these pictures growth was put into question as the 13 1/4" was the distance achieved in both the before and after pictures.  However, in the before picture the ruler is at a diagonal.  The shortest distance between two points is a straight line therefore the before picture must be shorter than 13 1/4" indicating some growth.  There does seem to be any growth in the diaphysis of the bone in comparing the photos here and the after photos.  For instance, the maximum of the calf comes at about 8 and slopes downward to about 17 1/2.  In the pictures linked there the maximum of calf sarts at about 7 and continues sloping down until about 16.  Leading to a possible half an inch growth there.

It's not absolute proof of anything except that my measurement techniques need work.  But I'm working hard both on performing LSJL and learning the science behind it.  And on performing better measurements.


  1. Hi Tyler, I never understood why you never measured standing up against a wall?
    Measuring like you do on the floor seems invalid because your viewing angle can skew or point of reference.

  2. Because of the spine (varies strongly each day).

    BUT, you should press your foot against a wall (while sitting), as well as the ruler and the other end of the ruler at a certain point (middle of the knee, where both epiphysis meets). This would be a very good measuring and there's nothing to improve on that.

  3. A different way of measuring and different angles on the pictures would be helpful.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. did all your 2" height gain come from your shins? if yes do your legs look strange or do they still look normal?

  5. i know of a good way to measure:

    make a two dots with a marker, one above the upper epyphysis of your shin, and the other dot below the lower epyphysis of your shin.

    this way, you can be sure that the area of growth is in between the two dots.

    then measure the distance between them with a long, rigid ruler. do not use a flexible ruler because their measurements vary a lot if they are stretched. a rigid ruler cannot be stretched.

    make sure that you remark the dots at the exact same places every time you shower.

    i tried this method several times and the measurements is accurate to the mm.

  6. "did all your 2" height gain"

    Tyler, did you really gained 2" in height? Really?

  7. Can you post pictures of your overall height progress, if it's not too much? Thanks.

  8. Tyler, great to see you are still showing gains and sharing your findings with us. It seems there are a lot of elements to hi, but it all comes down to an active lifestyle along w/ lsjl. I would also like to know, have you gained length in your femur or only in your lower leg? If both, how much in each?

  9. hey man ,how much inches success have you had with LSJL till now?

  10. How come your height gains aren't always equivalent to your tibial gains?