Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grow Taller with Cnidium

Cnidium is similar to Icariin but it's another way to increase BMP-2 levels which are necessary for initial chondrogenesis and may be a way to help boost LSJL results(note that neither is advised for those who are not skeletally mature due to both of their tendencies to accelerate terminal chondrogenic differentiation).  She Chuang Zi - Cnidium Fructus, 100 grams,(MinTong).  It's also unclear what the optimal interaction dosages would be between Cnidium and Icariin.

Osthol, a Coumarin Isolated from Common Cnidium Fruit, Enhances the Differentiation and Maturation of Osteoblasts in vitro.

"Primary osteoblastic cells isolated from newborn Wistar rats [were treated with Osthol]. Osthol was supplemented into cultured medium at 10(-7), 10(-6), 10(-5) and 10(-4) mol/l, respectively. No stimulating effect was found on cell proliferation, but 10(-5) mol/l osthol caused a significant increase in alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity. Osteogenic differentiation markers were examined over a period of time at this concentration, and compared with control cells that were not supplemented with osthol. ALP activity, osteocalcin secretion and calcium deposition level in cells treated with osthol were 1.52, 2.74 and 2.0 times higher, respectively, than in the control cells. The number and area achieved in osthol-treated cells were 1.53-fold higher than in control cells. The gene expression of the growth and transcription factors basic fibroblast growth factor, insulin-like growth factor I, bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2), runt-related gene 2 (Runx-2) and osterix, which are associated with bone development, were also investigated. The increase in mRNA expression was 1.94, 1.74, 1.68, 1.83 and 2.31 times, respectively, higher compared to the control. Furthermore, osthol increased the protein expression of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and type I collagen. p38MAPK protein and collagen in osthol-treated cells were 1.42 and 1.58 times higher in osthol-treated cells compared to the control.  Osthol could stimulate the osteoblastic differentiation of rat calvarial osteoblast cultures by the BMP-2/p38MAPK/Runx-2/osterix pathway."<-Icariin had best effects on BMP-2 expression with 1X10(-9)mol/L.  Whereas the most effective concentration of osthol was 1X10(-5)mol/L.  Osthol increased IGF-1 expression by 1.74 which is nearly double.  And it also increased BMP-2 expression by 1.68 which is quite significant.  Cnidium definitely looks promising as a supplement to LSJL due to it's significant effects on IGF-1 and BMP-2.  However, dealing with the interactions with Icariin which seems similar is tricky at this point.

However Osthol has been studied only on bone and not on chondrocytes or chondrogenesis.  However, bFGF and BMP-2 may have spillover effects on chondrogenesis.

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