Monday, January 14, 2013

AKG for height augmentation?

According to Wikipedia AKG contains 2-oxyglutaric acid: Olympian Labs - A-Akg, 90 g powder.  2-oxyglutaric acid is a synonym for α-ketoglutarate.

The effect of dietary administration of 2-oxoglutaric acid on the cartilage and bone of growing rats.

"2-Oxoglutaric acid (2-Ox), a precursor to hydroxyproline, [proline, glutamate, arginine and asparagine], exerts protective effects on bone development during different stages of organism development. [What's] the influence of dietary 2-Ox supplementation on the growth plate, articular cartilage and bone of growing rats? A total of twelve male Sprague-Dawley rats were used in the study. Half of the rats received 2-oxoglutarate at a dose of 0·75 g/kg body weight per d in their drinking-water.  Rats receiving 2-Ox had an increased body mass and absolute liver weight. Femoral length and bone mineral density, overall thickness of growth plate and the thickness of femoral articular cartilage{so 2-oxoglutaric acid could also cause a miniscule increase in height in adults} were also increased. Dietary supplementation with 2-Ox to growing rats exerts its effects mainly on cartilage tissue, having only a slight influence on bone."

"2-Ox, together with Fe2+, have been proposed to be active participants in the conversion of proline to hydroxyproline, the main amino acid of bone collagen. Moreover, 2-Ox acts as a cofactor for Fe2+ absorption from the intestine"<-Iron decreases FGF23, which affects height.

" resting and calcification zones of the femoral growth plate and calcification zone of the tibial growth plate were significantly thicker in the [supplement] group"

A stands for supplement group, C stands for control.  Above is femoral growth plate.
Above is tibial growth plate.
Above is the increase in articular cartilage thickness and the difference is pretty big(28%).  Unfortunately, articular cartilage thickness only makes a small difference in height.  Perhaps if it affects the intervertebral discs as well.

"2-Ox is a N scavenger and a source and precursor of glutamine, synthesised in human skeletal muscles, which improves and stimulates protein synthesis and inhibits protein degradation in skeletal muscles"<-Thus another connection between muscle and height growth.

" The question that arises is whether 2-Ox is the cause of the cartilage thickening, in particular the articular cartilage, or whether the bone loading (by a heavier body mass) is the key factor stimulating better nutrient utilisation facilitated by 2-Ox abundance?"<-So the heavier bone mass is a confounding variable.  Would anything that makes heavier bones stimulate GP's and AC's in the same way?  It should be noted that LSJL makes bones heavier too but other effects unrelated to bone weight have been established due to LSJL such as fluid flow and an increase in pressure within the bone.

"Within the femur articular cartilage, the most loaded point of the knee joint, thickening was the predominant reaction to additional 2-Ox."

"Unlike articular cartilage, growth plate cartilage is a tissue which is sensitive to load and overload and may slow down the growth, which is mostly related to the hypertrophy zone of this particular tissue. And yet we observed an increase in growth plate thickness, in the present study, in the rats treated with 2-Ox. "

The question is also would byproducts of 2-Ox like arginine have similar effects and thus there would be no need for both.  Since AKG is so promising in bodybuilding perhaps there are answers.

But so far, based on the results in this study it seems possible that AKG supplementation may increase height by miniscule amounts via articular cartilage thickness it may also help people grow taller via their growth plates.


  1. Maybe this could help us...

  2. so tyler are you going to experiment this product for height or its just assumption..
    i think at least we should try at mice what you say

  3. Tyler, I think a place that needs attention, regarding height, is metabolism.
    Thyroid hormones regulates a whole lot in the body, and can cause stress and hormonal imbalances in the body. has a lot of articles about thyroid health, metabolism, hormones etc. Maybe some of it you can find relevant.