Thursday, October 31, 2013

Merger with Natural Height Growth dot Com

I will now be making all new posts over at Natural Height Growth.  I will still be maintaining this blog but mainly with technical/scientific stuff.  All new posts regarding LSJL results, the LSJL method, height increase supplements, and definitive advancements in height increase methodology will be at the NHG website.  But tangential, technical things will be on this website.

Also, the search feature on this site can search both Natural Height Growth and Heightquest.


  1. hey guys tyler to look back into these areas:
    kartogenin< (best candidate to differentiate cells into chondrocytes?)
    growth factors<
    dentin< (he mentioned something about this, it was needed for growth plates for some reason) at the questforheight site.
    aloe vera is a plant that effects dentin.

    growth factors are needed not only to hypertrophy the cells and to proliferate them
    but they also rejuvenate the cells, they just seem to be highly capable of producing effects.

    anyways i look into the height stuff, and these are the most promising things i seen. growth factors, as well as kartogenin, dentin, and anything that helps generate progenitor cells. there are things out there noted to do so. i think Lenograstim, check this link:

    tyler can you check out the dentin stuff

  2. hey guys, hey tyler, i must first commend u on the great work you are doing, my question is, is joey woods height challenge a scam? please i would really appreciate if you look into it and answer, please. or if anyone else can answer, please do...

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