LSJL Success Stories

Here's my progress on growing 1 1/2 inches with LSJL.  You can follow all my height increase progress <-here. from grow tall forum grew approximately 0.6" with LSJL.

R. Venter grew 1/4" in about 3 months.

Slimchanse grew 1/4" in about 3 months.

Here's a report from a person who grew 3 mm in 3 weeks.

Growth from TJC on comments in experimental LSJL height gain routine page:
Anonymous said... 
Per request I will post my success thus far:
LSJL + Stretching + Swimming or Running 20M - 1H daily [Routine from: ]
Times a week: LSJL, 5x with 60lb weights; Stretching, 5-6 at Night
Duration: LSJL, 30s-2m (I have done both); Stretching, ~40 Minutes over a course of June 19-July 16
Height Change: I can guarantee a height increase of 1/2" since I used a Mythbusters like scale on my wall with a large bathroom mirror right across from me. However due to a discrepancy with the carpet's height right at the wall line and where I am standing (~.125-.25") I can only provide the difference in my starting and current.
I started out against the scale at 5'6.5 and now am up to 5'7 but note the slight error above. I am 20 yrs old and I will post again in approximately 1 Month with hopefully more results. Good luck to you all and this stuff does work if you keep your mind to it.
Here's someone(annonymous) who's claimed to have grown 2mm a week.

Jory's grown about 1 inch due to LSJL.

Alex gained an unspecified amount of height due to LSJL.


  1. where can an adult person get LSJL to grow taller.

  2. how much maximum heigt increase at age 22 by lsjl...n how much it taken time.

  3. how to perform LSJL correctly ? I will start and post my progress

  4. In regards to lsjl would increasing the amount of stem cell production in my body (e.g. chlorella) increase the rate of growth and would hit the lsjl section with sufficient pressure have a positive impact on growth. what would be the side effects of lsjl such as bone density and integrity?

  5. I have been using LSJL routine for 9 months and have shown a increase of 1.5cms. My exercise comprise of 5 days a week, 2 days rest and 15 mins LSJL each day

    1. where abouts did you camp as far on the emphasis as possible?

  6. hi how to use lsjl on my ankle. I can find the right position using the C clamp and is damn painful. But I manage to use the C clap on my knee. I will keep u all update my height.

    my height 170.5 cm