Saturday, November 21, 2009

Analysis of Common Height Increase Methods

Hypnosis-You have to denature the bone in order to gain height. Hypnosis doesn't do that.  It is possible that if hypnosis increases the amount of growth hormone in your body for your to grow taller via greater periosteal width of short and irregular bones.  Also, if you are hypnotized while laying on your back you can gain temporary height by temporarily decompressing the spine(laying on your back results in the height gain not the hypnosis).

Stretching-Stretching usually affects the muscle not the bone(perhaps the bone in a minor way). You can have the longest muscles in the world but they will look stocky because they are resting on short bones.  You need to apply stretching forces on your bones for example by putting weights on the ends of the bones and longitudinally stretching them.

MMA, Boxing, Football-There have been reports of people having fractures of bones and denaturing the bone during the healing and thus being taller. However, their are risks in these sports, it's the physical act of being tackled in football that causes the fractures needed to denature the bone and there is no guarantee that the damage to yourself will not be too severe.

As for boxing/kickboxing, the opponents are not aiming for your bones. They are aiming for your liver or your brain.  Heavy bag punching may increase your height and hand size.  Height via the twisting forces that are applied by throwing a proper punch causing shearing forces on the spine thereby increasing periosteal width.  Hand size as a result of shearing forces along the carpal bones.

Pitching-It's been documented that a pitchers throwing arm is about three inches longer than his other arm. Pitching puts spiral forces on the bone. Now people have retorted that having one longer arm than the other may cause people to be better pitchers but since I don't have access to pitchers before and after there's nothing I can do to prove it. But say that pitching can improve height, if you can get that significant denaturing of bone with the spiral forces of pitching imagine how much you can get if you add the other three forces.

Chiropractor/Rolfing-I have done both of these and each resulted in a temporary half an inch height gain.  It went away very quickly however and both can be expensive.  Self performed chiropractic and massage techniques tend to be less effective.  They both work as a result of increasing body alignment.  They are only temporary measures and don't significantly affect the bone length.

Sky of's method of causing microfractures via sprinting with ankle weights and then sitting with ankle weights-I think this method is correct in theory but sitting with ankle weights does not provide enough distraction(stretching) forces on the bone.  The theory of stretching the bone coupled with microfractures is what I have based the majority of my height increase research on.  The best way to stretch the bone is to put a weight at the end of the bone to stretch the bone throughout it's length not to sit with ankle weights.

Growth Hormone-An increase in growth hormone levels in children without a growth hormone mutation has only been shown to increase growth rate not final bone length.  Growth Hormone may effectively increase periosteal width however without any growth hormone mutation.

Diet-This is a whole bag of worms.  Certain proteins are necessary for growth which may explain why in certain decades individuals were shorter.  Growth hormone in meat products may result in individuals with longer torsos due to an increase in bone width(bone width increases by the same mechanism as bone length in short and irregular bones).  Chemical factors affect bone growth but chemical factors that could increase height are subject to negative feedback mechanisms whereas mechanical factors that could increase height are better able to get around negative feedback(if a bone is broken it's going to heal negative feedback or no negative feedback).  Chemical factors that reduce height are not as susceptible to positive feedback mechanisms so it may be worthwhile to make sure you have all your nutrition in check.

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