Thursday, January 7, 2010


Solgar - Folate (Metafolin)800 Mcg, 100 tablets

Folate modulates Hox gene-controlled skeletal phenotypes.

"Essential nutrient folate modulates genetically induced skeletal defects in Hoxd4 transgenic mice. Chondrocytes require folate for growth and differentiation and that they express folate transport genes, providing evidence for a direct effect of folate on skeletal cells."

"overexpression of Hoxc8 in transgenic mice impairs cartilage formation through a delay in chondrocyte maturation. When a Hoxd4 transgene is expressed in exactly the same fashion as Hoxc8, the Hoxd4 transgenic animals also exhibit profound cartilage defects: the cartilaginous portions of the ribs lack tensile strength, and the vertebral column is very flexible and unstable due to reduced or absent intervertebral cartilages"

"skeletons prepared from folate-supplemented Hoxd4 transgenic embryos exhibit restored Alcian Blue staining in rib and vertebral cartilage."

"Hoxd4 transgenic chondrocytes have a specific requirement for folate early in chondrogenesis."

"the effective time window for nutritional supplementation coincides with the early phase of cartilage formation."

"Utilization of folate requires uptake into cells, mediated by specific folate transport proteins, the GPI-anchored Folate receptors (Folate binding proteins in mouse) and the integral membrane protein Reduced folate carrier 1 (Rfc1)."

LSJL upregulates Folr2 the Folate receptor but downregulates Skiv2l2 and Ercc3 which are involved in Folate biosynthesis.

"cells plated at low density—which leads to dedifferentiation into fibroblastoid cells—do not exhibit Folbp gene expression [in contrast to differentiation chondrocytes]"

"Chondrocytes [do] not proliferate in the absence of folate"

"Folate supplementation was done by gavage administration of folinic acid, the biologically active and more stable form of folate"

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