Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grow Taller by Lowering your Bodyfat Percentage?

We know that stem cell count decreases with bone marrow fat content. Although adipose tissue can differentiate into a chondrogenic phenotype, it may still be worth it to try to lower the amount of yellow bone marrow within the bone.  Fat is not a very dense substance and may lower hydrostatic pressure.  Which is likely to generate more hydrostatic pressure?  Red Bone Marrow and Yellow Bone Marrow.  The change from red bone marrow to yellow bone marrow is one of the marks of the end of the growing phase(but we also know that again yellow bone marrow can change back to red based on nutrition).  Body fat produces leptin which helps with growth but this can be rectified with Leptin supplementation.

Since Hydrostatic Pressure is so key to growing taller with LSJL and the change from Red to Yellow Bone Marrow is one of the markings of growth termination we want to have as much Red Bone Marrow as possible(to increase hydrostatic pressure).  Thus we want to decrease our bodyfat content.  The more Red Bone Marrow we have, the easier it will be to increase hydrostatic pressure.  Thus, why us height seekers should seek to lower fat mass.  A few brief diet tips:

1) If you get on a treadmill, you'll be shocked at how much effort it takes to burn very little amount of calories.  Some forms of food are very dense and you can generate those calories back very quickly.  You must ultimately increase your activity level throughout the entire day or lower caloric consumption.
2) Jawbreakers take an hour to eat and only have 100 or so calories: Jumbo Jawbreakers 2 1/4" Diameter (Packages of 4).

Some notes about fat and insulin:

Many height seekers have noticed a correlation between being big(both fat and muscle wise) and being tall.  Some have also noticed a correlation between being short and small.  Some short people being able to eat anything and seemingly unable to gain weight.  Now it's not a perfect correlation as there are a number of causes of short and tall stature including local growth plate factors.  But, one possible reason for the connection is an increase in insulin sensitivity in big and tall individuals.  Insulin increases cellular proliferation which includes stem cells.  Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into osteoblasts, chondrocytes, and adipocytes.  Chondrocytes being the main way for height to be increased.  Adipocytes of course increasing fat mass.

Now given that insulin increases cellular proliferation it is very important to have your insulin sensitivity be as high as possible.  Cortisol acts as a counter agent to insulin and has been associated with adipose storage in the waist.  Anecdotal experience has shown that individuals who exercise tend to have a more uniform adipose distribution pattern whereas sedentary individuals sometimes have all their fat mass stored in the waist(with seemingly very skinny legs and arms).  This seems to indicate that exercising the muscles of your extremities seems to help increase the insulin sensitivity of the entire limb which would of course increase the insulin sensitivity of your stem cells as well.

This could also indicate that body fat in your extremities could lower insulin sensitivity in those limbs.  This is supported by anecdotal evidence where bodybuilders find that periods of cutting and bulking to be anabolic.  Fat mass could increase insulin resistance which would dampen the anabolic effects of insulin on stem cell proliferation.

On women and losing fat:

Now for women, having a higher body fat percentage than men is a secondary sex characteristic so they might want not to lose fat.  I also know that women don't like being told what to do or what they should look like. Many men including myself prefer women with higher bodyfat percentage.  However, some men prefer lower bodyfat percentage women and growing taller is vital for some careers so a woman might want to grow taller for those careers.  We'll know with time how critical bodyfat is to results with LSJL so it may be best to wait.  Keep all those things in mind when deciding what to do.

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  1. You forgot to add that a lower body fat means lower estrogen for men, as aromatase lives in body fat..