Saturday, May 7, 2011

Experiment LIPUS routine

In my research, I've found that LIPUS does in fact generate hydrostatic pressure.  It also generates a rounded cell phenotype even in pre-osteoblastic cells and rounded cells are indicative of a chondrogenic phenotype.  The cells ended up returning to normal after the LIPUS(Ultrasound)-induced treatment stopped but with normal MSCs the cells may stay as differentiated chondrocytes.  The studies also indicated that heat helped encourage chondrogenesis.  Another reason to flex surrounding epiphyseal muscles during LSJL(which generates heat).  One study found that Ultrasound may affect the growth of the Mandibular condyle(the jaw).  That study found possible new cell differentiation up to applying the ultrasound for 10 minutes but only increases in growth rate after 10 minutes but before 20 minutes.

So I definitely think LIPUS is worthwhile to experiment on and I think we have some parameters to go on.

Here's the machine and here's the gel:ReliaMed Portable Ultrasound.  Parker Laboratories Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel .25 Liter Bottle.  You'll have to keep buying new gel as it runs out.

One of the studies found that the most effective was the highest one they used 407 mW per centimeters squared.  The max setting available on the machine is 4.6W or 4600 mW.  The effectiveness of this varies based on the size of your bone.

To perform Ultrasound you apply the gel to the epiphysis of the target bones.  And then move the pad around the epiphysis for around 10 to 20 minutes.  I haven't tried this yet.  I'll be buying an ultrasound soon though so I don't know any complications that can arise from this.

I would do either LIPUS or LSJL because to do both would take too much time.

All application times are 10 minutes.  Since you are doing both inner and outer some of the effects should come through when you're doing the other side of the leg.  You can do it while watching TV.

If you're bald do the top of the head as a control group as this bone is a little bit different.  If not try your heel bone or a tip of your finger.

Inner ankle
Outer ankle
Inner Tibia Epiphysis
Outer Tibia Epiphysis
Inner Femur epiphysis
Outer Femur Epiphysis

For the spine, you have to do one vertebrae at a time and both the tops and bottoms of each vertebrae so I don't think we should try it until we get everything else ironed out.

If you just want to help experiment.  Do one finger of your hand with LSJL and one with LIPUS.  Both for five minutes.


  1. So your saying, to do either LSJL or Lipus because its time consuming to do both.

    Or is there other resasons, such as doing both together maybe conflicting in any way, or are they complimentary.

  2. Yeah it's just time consuming to do both. What I think I'm going to do is find out which bones are more preferable to do with LIPUS and which I like clamping better.

    LSJL or LIPUS may eventually end up working better than the other. LSJL you have more control but LIPUS is more effortless. And we'll eventually know what works better.

  3. I have a device capable of only 30mW cm/2. Is such low intensity even worth trying?

  4. I would do it in conjunction with LSJL in that case. I think such voltages would help augment LSJL but wouldn't be sufficient to replace it.

  5. Would it make sense if someone here tries to do his left hand with LIPUS and the right hand with LJSL? The growth difference would be very interesting. Somewhere i read that LIPUS burns tissue, i dont know if that's good? are there max. duration or other min/max values to consider?

  6. To do this, you are looking for bones epiphyses ultrasound gel destination. And then move the block around the epiphysis of about 10-20 minutes. I have not tried yet. I'll buy an ultrasound soon, although I do not know of complications that can arise from this.

    Nice information indeed.. Thanks for sharing.

  7. i want to try out this routine but im a bit worried that this device might have side effects to ppl that dont have serious fractures, isnt this device used to heal fractures? how would this fair on ppl with minimal to no damage on their bones such as ppl trying to increase their bone length?

  8. Do you think that regular ultrasound machine(like the ones from cosmetic studio) with frequency 1mhz and intensity 0,5-5 W/cm2 would work? I have one at home so I don't wanna buy another if it's the same thing.