Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Body Remodeling Review

Sky of EasyHeight, famously flew Antoine to New York to test his Body Remodeling theory.  The issue with Antoine is that he's never tried his techniques on himself.  Antoine has been performing his height increase method since 2007.  Antoine's system may use some kind of bone vibrator.   I couldn't find good information on good bone vibration machines but I assume it works like Ultrasound.

Antoine's traction device may cause spiral forces on the bone and may place a stretching force on the cortical bone in that manner.  Sky mentions that Antoine uses a 10lbs traction device, which although Sky may have mentioned might have been insufficient for longitudinal stretching with severe spiral forces may be sufficient.  Although it's hard to tell without actually seeing the device in action.

On the Body Remodeling site, Antoine mentions the evolution of specific bone cells being caused by his devices(stem cells?, chondrocytes?).  Still 3 years after 2007, Antoine only has one before and after picture(the first before and after picture is only an after picture at different magnifications).

Antoine's Body Remodeling has undergone a lot of criticism at the various height increase forums and I can only conclude that it is somewhat deserved.  Antoine needs to provide a lot more transparency into how his method works or he needs awesome before and after pictures.  If the method involves Ultrasound(bone viration machine) and Spiral Forces(his traction device) then perhaps he's keeping everything secret because he wants to overcharge versus what the equipment actually costs?  But, if he gave transparency then it would help height seekers and he could make the money with volume?

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  1. he is definitely using ultrasound in his device, he specially mentioned it in an email when I inquired about the price.