Monday, June 21, 2010

How is your progress with Lateral Synovial Joint Loading?

I've seen Alex and Jory report results but I'm curious if anybody else has seen any results.  The first thing to do is if you are not getting results on Lateral Synovial Joint Loading is post a comment on the blog with the following information:

How long have you been performing Lateral Synovial Joint Loading and in what areas?
How much weight do you use and for how long?  Do you tap and if so how many times and with what load?
Are you doing intense cardiovascular exercise (to create an hypoxic environment which increases stem cell proliferation)?
Are you doing resistance training, if so what is the heaviest load(barbell or dumbell, not machines as load on machines is too relative) you use?  How frequently do you resistance train?
Do you do anything else that involves bone loading or anything that might stimulate the cartilage?

If you want to maximize gains then you want to bring up the weakest variables.  If you have an equation xyz=q and you want to maximize q(in our case height growth) and x+y+z=t(the amount of time you have) then you want x=y=z.

The point is that if you're not getting good gains with Lateral Synovial Joint Loading then you might want to focus on other factors to get those gains.  Lateral Synovial Joint Loading does put a stretching force on the cortical bone and that may explain very rapid gains in the beginning with diminishing returns(as the cortical bone may not be able to continue stretching without fresh stem cells coming into the system).  But, Lateral Synovial Joint Loading on rats did show an increase in activity in the growth plate so even if rapid beginner gains are attributable to cortical bone stretching further gains should be possible by getting stem cells to the hyaline cartilage growth plate line.

Anyways, the equation for height growth.  Stem Cell Proliferation(or progenitor cell profileration)+Stem Cell Differentiation+Chondrocyte Proliferation+Chondrocyte Differentiation=Height Growth via the Growth Plate.  If the stem cells are in the hyaline cartilage growth plate line then they will likely differentiate into chondrocytes due to their environment.

Lateral Synovial Joint Loading increases Interstitial Fluid Flow which helps stem cells in the red bone marrow get to the hyaline cartilage growth plate line.  It also places a compressive force on the epiphysis and a compressive force on the stem cells results in increased stem cell proliferation.  In addition, it causes microfracture in the trabecular bone which releases more stem cells.

The most basic thing you can do is increase the duration you perform LSJL for and you can increase the weight.  Optimal weights and duration have not yet been determined.  But between 30-70lbs is good and between 30seconds to 5minutes is good(though it's possible that more is better).

So what you can do to improve results here is to tap the epiphysis of the bone to create more microfractures and you can tap slightly below the hyaline cartilage growth plate line to cause shearing forces on the periosteum which releases progenitor cells which can also stimulate endochondral ossification.

The second thing you can do is intense cardiovascular training.  Intense cardio causes an oxygen debt which creates an hypoxic environment.  An hypoxic environment increases stem cell proliferation.  The womb is an hypoxic environment, remember?  You want the oxygen debt to be in the limbs that you want to grow so be sure the cardio involves the limbs you're trying to increase in length.

The third thing you can do is exercise in general and resistance training.  Exercise increases insulin sensitivity and insulin acts to increase height via the PI3K pathway.  Certain resistance exercises can also help increase short and irregular bone height.

X=Lateral Synovial Joint Loading.  Y=hypoxic environment.  Z=insulin sensitivity.  If you have LSJL in check manipulate those variables. 


  1. i commend you on this site, only one on the net dedicated to this kind of thing, and full of information. I have a question. Im on my own quest to make my hands and fingers longer, their very short , only 7 inches long. in a previous post you were mentioning boxing for metacarpal microfractures. im not familiar with synovial joint loading but how would it pertain to hand and finger lengths....could you give me an example of a methodor exercise of synovial loading for hands?

  2. Excellent site - I like that you're taking a pragmatic, methodical approach. I've only just arrived, so I may have totally missed something obvious, but is there a place where you've listed your starting height? As well, are you measuring later in the day usually? Are you generally just notching the wall and measuring from the ground up?

  3. How are you height now? Overall?

    do a list date/ overall height is a good idea... day per day...

    However very good ;)

  4. I disagree. Putting a day by day height measurement could lead to confusion when height fluctuates daily.

  5. I started LSJL about a week ago. Just on the ankles. Started with 20 lbs, but moved up to 30 lbs 3 days ago. I thought i had a quick breaththrough yesterday, but i'm not 100% sure. My measuring system isn't completely accurate. But the bone above he ankle does look stretched. I will continue to practice.

  6. how do you actually perform Lateral Synovial Joint Loading?? Seen the blog with the pictures but its not very informative. Could you please create a video which would show more clearly how to perform these?

    By the way great website got to commend you on your reseach

  7. Yes but you can do a weekly mean value...

  8. If you tell me of a digital video recorder that's under 100$ available at Best Buy then I will make a video.

  9. Tyler, has your tibia and fibula grown proportionally? Has your gait changed when you walk? Just wondering

  10. Hi, I saw in a previous article that you mentioned you had seen an article on the fibula's response to tibial overgrowth. I was wondering if you could either post that article or let me know what the gist of the article was.

  11. Another way to better measurement is to take always height (H) and sitting height (SH) and subtract to get leg height (LH) so LH = H - SH , this way you can also have a better idea of spinal disk compression...

  12. Started LSJL June 7 2010 using 55lbs dumbbells once a day for 30 seconds on tibia, fibula and femur, still working out the correct areas to place the weight which will be most efective. My measuring system is not quite accurate as measuring is a work in progress. will post progress once gains are made.