Saturday, August 11, 2012

Royal Jelly has a lot of potential to make you taller

Most promising supplement I've found in a while.  This may be a game changing supplement that you should read about and pay attention to.  In addition, Royal Jelly is available for sale: NOW Foods Royal Jelly 1500mg, 60 Capsules 20 cents a day.


"Research carried out with 25 FC “Red Star” Belgrade football players, 12 years old, separated in 2 groups[seventh and eighth grade primary school students-so it could be just a growth rate an increase and not an increase in adult height]. Experimental group (15) took the supplement daily for two months. The control group (10) did not use the supplement. All the examines during the two months had a regular regime of training (4 times per week) and they competed in the youngest Belgrade league. [Scientists] observed 13 morphological characteristics in initial and final measuring.  Football players from experimental group who used royal jelly had [a] statistically significant increase of body height and muscle component, and decrease of fat component in final measurement comparing to the initial. Also, the results show statistically significant increase in circumference above knee and circumference of lower leg in experimental group on the end of the experimental treatment. The examinees from experimental group had higher average values in body height, body mass, muscle and bone component, and lower average value in fat component."

The height difference between the two groups was 1.6cm so about 3/4 of an inch.

"no bigger changes of values in circumference of elbow, arm wrist, knee and ankle in examines who have used royal jelly"<-So royal jelly doesn't likely exert it's effects on bone.  There was a change above knee and above ankle but that is likely a result of increased muscle mass then bone growth.

Royal Jelly has effects on estrogen.

Fatty acids derived from royal jelly are modulators of estrogen receptor functions.

"Royal jelly (RJ) excreted by honeybees and used as a nutritional and medicinal agent has estrogen-like effects[however royal jelly did not increase bone mass which is what you'd expect from estrogen]. The possible effects of three RJ fatty acids (FAs) (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic-10H2DA, 3,10-dihydroxydecanoic-3,10DDA, sebacic acid-SA) on estrogen signaling was investigated in various cellular systems. In MCF-7 cells, FAs, in absence of estradiol (E(2)), modulated the estrogen receptor (ER) recruitment to the pS2 promoter and pS2 mRNA levels via only ERβ but not ERα, while in presence of E(2) FAs modulated both ERβ and ERα[ERalpha functions that don't involve AR-1 are likely to reduce height since royal jelly may only modulate ERBeta that makes it very promising]. Moreover, in presence of FAs, the E(2)-induced recruitment of the EAB1 co-activator peptide to ERα is masked and the E(2)-induced estrogen response element (ERE)-mediated transactivation is inhibited. In HeLa cells, in absence of E(2), FAs inhibited the ERE-mediated transactivation by ERβ but not ERα, while in presence of E(2), FAs inhibited ERE-activity by both ERβ and ERα. Molecular modeling revealed favorable binding of FAs to ERα at the co-activator-binding site, while binding assays showed that FAs did not bind to the ligand-binding pocket of ERα or ERβ. In KS483 osteoblasts, FAs, like E(2), induced mineralization via an ER-dependent way. Our data propose a possible molecular mechanism for the estrogenic activities of RJ's components which, although structurally entirely different from E(2), mediate estrogen signaling, at least in part, by modulating the recruitment of ERα, ERβ and co-activators to target genes."

Maybe Royal jelly competes with estradiol to bind to ERalpha thus lessening available binding for estradiol.

"Estrogenic effects of RJ FAs could also involve GPR30-mediated signaling "<-GR30knockout is associated with increased height.

"4ΟΗ-TMX was a weak agonist of ERα and a potent antagonist of ERβ in this system"

"FAs may bind to the ligand pocket [of estrogen receptors], thus competing with E2"

"All FAs inhibited the effect of E2 on ERα and ERβ recruitment."

"10H2DA had little effect (about 20% inhibition) upon the ability of E2 to bind to ERα and 50% inhibition of E2 to bind to ERβ at a concentration of approximately 100 µΜ"

Also, estrogen may inhibit Smad3 signaling with is a part of TGF-Beta induced chondrogenesis so it should be helpful to take it with LSJL as well.

Note that the height difference was 1.6 cm for two months which is huge so that means that Royal Jelly may have large effects.  However, the sample size of the study was small.

If you are below 18 you should definitely take royal jelly if you want to grow taller and you should take royal jelly if you want to grow taller with LSJL.

According to Royal jelly and bee pollen decrease bone loss due to osteoporosis in an oophorectomized rat model., royal jelly increases phosphate and calcium levels.  The four rat groups showed no difference in total BMD which would have increased if height increased.  However there was no group that took royal jelly without anything else(the rats that took royal jelly had their ovaries removed).  The study also states that Royal Jelly increases testosterone.

10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid from Royal jelly: a potential medicine for RA., states royal jelly may "[block] p38 kinase and c-Jun N-terminal kinase-AP-1 signaling pathways".

Effects of long-term administration of royal jelly on pituitary weight and gene expression in middle-aged female rats., states that royal jelly may have some thyroid related pituitary role.

The Effects of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE), Royal Jelly, and Curcumin on Gene Expression of ADAMTS-1, -5, and -9 in OUMS-27 Chondrosarcoma Cells: A Preliminary Study  stated that CAPE, Royal Jelly, and Curcumin inhibited the Il-a(via Nf-kappaB) increase in ADAMTS1, 5, and 9.

According to Effects of Royal Jelly Supplementation on Body Weight and Dietary Intake in Type 2 Diabetic Females, royal jelly activated TRPA1 and TRPV1.  This study measured height data in adults but did not publish the data unfortunately.

New Insights into the Biological and Pharmaceutical Properties of Royal Jelly

"RJ is rich in amino acids, including lysine, proline, cysteine, aspartic acid, valine, glutamic acid, serine, glycine, cysteine, threonine, alanine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, hydroxyproline, leucine, isoleucine, and glutamine"

"RJ has an estrogenic response in in vivo and in vitro models via the interaction with estrogen receptors followed by the alteration of gene expression and cell proliferation"

Direct effects on bone are not listed

"Royal jelly (RJ) is secreted by the mandibular glands of worker honeybees as an essential food for the queen bee larva. In recent years, families have often used RJ supplementation for their children's growth. We investigated the effects of RJ supplementation on the growth pl ate of young rats and evaluated the hormone levels such as estradiol, growth hormone (GH) and insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). A total of 30 rats aged 7 days were randomly divided into two groups of 15. For 15 days, 50 mg/kg of RJ was administered once a day by gavage to RJ group. Plasma estradiol, growth hormone (GH) and IGF -I levels were measured. Mean weight and tail length changes were significantly higher in the RJ group than the control group at the end of the study (p<0.001 and p=0.04). Plasma growth hormone and estradiol levels were significantly increased in the RJ group (p=0.03 and p=0.04) and the total height of the growth plate was measured significantly higher in RJ group than the control rats (p<0.001). In addition, the percentage of estrogen receptor expression on the growth plate was stated as 81.3% in the proliferative zone of RJ group, and as 14.3% in the control group (p<0.001). Our data suggested that the administration of RJ caused longitudinal bone growth and also increased estradio l and growth hormone levels, but our findings also provided the evidence of some potential estrogenic effects of RJ on growth plate."


  1. Hey
    Tnx for this im 16
    I will take this and if works god bless you for bringing this information to us
    I will also take before and after pic or videos and send to you if works

    1. what do u think about it works?? because i also need a product like this. please help me

  2. Was wondering when you was going to check this, I sent you the study for the football players months back but I didn't find the ERa and ERb study. Glad you managed to dig this up.

  3. I almost forgot. Increases FGF2 and decreases VEGF if I remembered right. Just type in Royal Jelly VEGF or FGF2 and you will find it. It's also good for cognition, very good.

  4. what do you think LSJL and royal jelly together can make difference in height....
    i am currently doing LSJL for 2 months but no gain in height...

    1. If lsjl works at all you are probably clamping in the wrong area. From some of the photo examples I've seen, people are clamping in the diaphysis area not the epiphysis. There also has to be the correct amount of time and pressure on the bone.

      Post a photo of where you are clamping on the forum in the 'Progress Area' and have Tyler tell you if you're clamping in the right area. Also describe the amount of time you clamp per day and how much pressure you apply.

      There is a debate as to whether lsjl works at all. With the amount of height Tyler claims(1.5 inches), he seems to be the only one who gained height beyond the margin of measuring error and beyond an age that he could have grown naturally. He also seems to have more discipline and knows what he's doing a little more, it seems, than most who post here. That may account for the lack of success with the many who have tried lsjl.

    2. theres not much point in being a proponent of ljsl if it cant be done by other people who cant understand how to do it, its just like a one man thing.

  5. So Tyler does royal jelly act as a SERM/considered a serm like tamoxifen?

  6. might there be some weak phytoestrogens that can provide the good effects we want from estrogen without the bad effects?

  7. I wanted to note the issue that belgrade is in serbia. If you guys know anything about the people from serbia are that they are REALLY tall. the 1.6 cm difference can be from other factors, from a two month experimental time frame. Guy at that age group of 12-13 from this ethnicity are going through crazy growth spurts.

  8. It is true if you mix it in water and drink every morning for 10 days and then increase the amount after 10 days.

  9. I'm worried about the estrogen causing man boobs.

  10. I am above 18 so do u think this will help increase my height?