Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oxytetracycline: Possible Height increase compound

Oxytetracycline is a pretty commonly prescribed anti-biotic.  I have taken it before as an anti-acne medication.

Identification of oxytetracycline as a chondrogenic compound using a cell-based screening system.

"we screened natural and synthetic compound libraries using a Col2GFP-ATDC5 system and identified oxytetracycline (Oxy) as a chondrogenic compound. Oxy induced cartilaginous matrix synthesis and mRNA expressions of chondrocyte markers in ATDC5 cells. In addition, Oxy suppressed mineralization and mRNA expressions of terminal chondrocyte differentiation markers in ATDC5 cells, primary chondrocytes, and cultured metatarsal bones. Oxy's induction of Col2 mRNA expression was decreased by the addition of Noggin and was increased by the addition of BMP2. Oxy increased mRNA expression of Id1, Bmp2, Bmp4, and Bmp6. Oxy induces chondrogenic differentiation in a BMP-dependent manner and suppresses terminal differentiation."

"Oxy induced mRNA expressions of chondrocyte collagens (Col2, Col9, Col11), and transcription factors regulating chondrogenesis (Sox5, Sox6, Sox9) in a dose-dependent manner"<-All of these except for Sox5 and Sox6 were upregulated above threshold in LSJL.  Sox5 and Sox6 could have been upregulated below threshold in LSJL.

"Oxy reduced von Kossa staining and mRNA expressions of terminal chondrocyte differentiation markers, Col10{upregulated by LSJL}, Opn{upregulated by LSJL}, and Mmp13 in a dose-dependent manner. Oxy also reduced Col10, Opn, Mmp13 mRNA expressions in primary chondrocytes"

"Oxy’s induction of Col2 mRNA expression was decreased by the transfection of siSox6, siSox9, and siBmp2"

According to Tetracyclines inhibit rat osteoclast formation and activity in vitro and affect bone turnover in young rats in vivo., Tetracyclines may inhibit osteoclast formation and osteoclasts may play a key role in height growth.

Effects of mannan oligosaccharide or antibiotics in neonatal diets on health and growth of dairy calves.

"Calves were fed a 20% protein, 20% fat milk replacer containing antibiotics (400 g/ton neomycin + 200 g/ton oxytetracycline), MOS (4 g of Bio-Mos/d), or no additive (control) for 5 wk"

"[No] growth differences during the experimental period."

Although hip height in the antiobitic group was not statistically significantly shorter versus control.

Unfortunately, there is hardly any research on this.  The beneficial effects of Oxy on chondrogenic proteins may be counteracted by the inhibition of osteoclasts.  There seems to be a followup study [Novel small compound in combination with cell-sheet technology for articular cartilage regeneration]. but I cannot find the full version.

Also, Oxy has only been shown so far to have effects in ATDC5 cells and ATDC5 cells have been shown to have different effects to Human BMMSC's before.  But, Oxy is available.

Does anyone have any cases of overgrowth or undergrowth due to Oxytetracycline?