Monday, July 26, 2010

Increasing Height with Hypnosis?

A lot of height seekers are trying hypnosis in an attempt to increase height.  In my last article about hypnosis, I stated that the hypnotherapist would have to be telekinetic to increase your height(or would have to unlock the inner telekinetic abilities inside of you).  Telekinesis within the body is referred to as biokinesis.  Hypnosis' ability to increase height is something that can be quantifiably measured somewhat.  Does it increase stem cell proliferation?  Does it inhibit myostatin?  Does it increase SOX9 or Beta-Catenin expression?  Does it increase insulin or IGF-1 sensitivity?

A lot of the studies on insulin and hypnosis are from the 60's and 70's so I couldn't find an abstract.  There were no relevant studies involving hypnosis stimulating the pituitary or parathyroid glands.  Height increase treatments operate basically in reverse of cancer treatments(in height increase you want to increase cellular proliferation+differentiation and in cancer you want to decrease it).  Most of the studies involving cancer and hypnosis involves the control of pain.  Here's something about the power of the mind... 

[Evidence about the power of intention] 

"Intention is defined as a directed thought to perform a determined action. Thoughts targeted to an end can affect inanimate objects and practically all living things from unicelular organisms to human beings. The emission of light particles (biophotons) seems to be the mechanism through which an intention produces its effects. All living organisms emit a constant current of photons as a mean to direct instantaneous nonlocal signals from one part of the body to another and to the outside world. Biophotons are stored in the intracelular DNA. When the organism is sick changes in biophotons emissions are produced.Direct intention manifests itself as an electric and magnetic energy producing an ordered flux of photons. Our intentions seem to operate as highly coherent frequencies capable of changing the molecular structure of matter. For the intention to be effective it is necessary to choose the appropriate time. In fact, living beings are mutually synchronized and to the earth and its constant changes of magnetic energy. It has been shown that the energy of thought can also alter the environment. Hypnosis, stigmata phenomena and the placebo effect can also be considered as types of intention, as instructions to the brain during a particular state of consciousness. Cases of spontaneous cures or of remote healing of extremely ill patients represent instances of an exceedingly great intention to control diseases menacing our lives. The intention to heal as well as the beliefs of the sick person on the efficacy of the healing influences promote his healing. In conclusion, studies on thought and consciousness are emerging as fundamental aspects and not as mere epiphenomena that are rapidly leading to a profound change in the paradigms of Biology and Medicine." 

So essentially a hypnotherapist(or yourself) would use these biophotons to change the molecular structure of your bone.  There have been studies done on biophotons. 

Biophotons as neural communication signals demonstrated by in situ biophoton autography. 

"Cell to cell communication by biophotons has been demonstrated in plants, bacteria, animal neutrophil granulocytes and kidney cells. Whether such signal communication exists in neural cells is unclear. By developing a new biophoton detection method, called in situ biophoton autography (IBA), we have investigated biophotonic activities in rat spinal nerve roots in vitro. We found that different spectral light stimulation (infrared, red, yellow, blue, green and white) at one end of the spinal sensory or motor nerve roots resulted in a significant increase in the biophotonic activity at the other end. Such effects could be significantly inhibited by procaine (a regional anaesthetic for neural conduction block) or classic metabolic inhibitors, suggesting that light stimulation can generate biophotons that conduct along the neural fibers, probably as neural communication signals. The mechanism of biophotonic conduction along neural fibers may be mediated by protein-protein biophotonic interactions. This study may provide a better understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of neural communication, the functions of the nervous system, such as vision, learning and memory, as well as the mechanisms of human neurological diseases." 

So the CNS can control biophotonic activity. 

Cancer growth and its inhibition in terms of coherence. 

"It is shown that a molecular origin for growth inhibition is rather unlikely because the cross-sectional area of inhibitory forces in a cell population cannot exceed more than about 10(-8) Dalton. A model of the time dependence of cell number N(t), where t is the time, is based on biophotons and explains without any contradiction to known experimental results growth regulation in terms of the factor a = 1/T, which stimulates the cell division rate dN/dt and the factor b = dT/dN(1/T(2)), which inhibits cell division. It accounts for the total cell division rate dN/dt = aN(t) - bN(2)(t). For adults, T is the coherence time of about 10(6) s, corresponding to the longest lifetime of cell organelles in men, while dT/dN = 10(-7) s corresponds to the resolution time of the cell population which is always the average time interval between two cell loss events. Our model follows a stringently holistic approach to describing a cell population as an entity, regulated by a fully coherent (biophoton) field." 

Biophotons have the ability to regulate cell populations.  So there's a method to measure biophotons called biophoton autography.  So in order to see if intent stimulus can increase height, one would need to measure how biophotons are emitted in response to different thoughts and how various biophoton emissions can affect cell populations.

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