Friday, July 9, 2010

I"ve started growing again by 1/4" with LSJL

I am now 5'9 3/4".  Here's the data from a while back:  Bone Length Increase | 3 Months 1 Week In.  It's been a while since I've grown with LSJL but I've been increasing my intensity with tapping with 10lbs dumbell, pressing down harder with 70lbs dumbell, and started using the table clamp.  I can even feel a larger separation in my knee.  Before I had to use my fingernail to feel the hyaline cartilage growth plate line in the epiphysis of my tibial bone but now I can feel it with my fingers.  If anyone can come up with an excuse for me to get a knee x-ray with my insurance covering it let me know.  Fibular measurement is 16 1/4" and Tibial measurement is 16 1/2".  Last time I took measurements:  Fibula was 16" and Tibia was 16".  Here's the pics:
It makes sense that eventually you have to increase the pressure you use as the trabecular bone in the epiphysis may model and become less apt to microfracture.  You can see that my eye level is slightly higher than the picture taken here.  And, I'm even standing further back in this picture than the other.  I'm going to have pictures of using the table clamp later today on the how to perform LSJL part of the page.  I think it might be more effective than dumbells, however, with a dumbell you can get rid of it immediately whereas with a table clamp you have to unscrew it to dump it.

I got my table clamp at Home Debot so I could test it out first.Bessey TK-6 Table Clamp.  It is available on amazon however.  My table clamp is 6 inches which is enough even to do my shoulder.


  1. just wondering how do you measure your height? by yourself? Maybe you should get someone else to help you with it with a measuring device or sth? I mean that accuracy is something that you wish to achieve as well right?. aniway nice work here..lots of explanation and analysis done here. Thanks

  2. @ Anonymous above: I'm quite positive that We won't be needing accuracy when He is 5'11" or 6' LOL

  3. This is Alex, I haven't done LSJL since my first week and am can't wait till I get home to continue..

    Good to see some results..

    When you have your next 1/4 inch, post the first and last picture of your leg, so we can compare.

  4. I seem to have stagnated between my last two measurements. May have to step it up too. Glad to know that worked for ya, I'd been waiting to hear about some more progress.

  5. I repeat my question...

    I have measure my height several times a day, for many day, I doN't perform LSJL, I have found a difference of 4 cm (about 1 1/2") to min to max height. It is possible that your growth is due to height variance during day?

    Are you sure that if you meausre you in the evening, after sit a lot you are not yet 5'8 1/2"?

    Please I don't want to be arrogant I also hope that LSJL works on me, but I think that is a fact to be investigated to be sure of LSJL efficency!

    Anyway congratulations whit your LSJL research! Bye I hope to hear you soon.

  6. Hey Tyler, what time during the day do you perform LSJL?? morning, afternoon, or night? thanks and congrats on the gain!!

  7. This is Alex again.

    You should put the table clamp on a weighing scale and measure how many pounds of force one 360 degree turn gives.

  8. Have you gained any weight by new bone growth?
    I'm very interested in how much you weighted and weight now.

    Hope to see you at 6 feet soon..

  9. Have you seen this article?
    It mentioned Interferon Gamma (IFN Gama) + Stem Cells promotes bone growth.. Please take a look and share your thoughts thanks!

  10. Annonymous #1: I compared myself against a hanging on the wall and I was always a little bit shorter than a part of the object. On Friday, when I measured I was a little bit higher than the object so I measured that height increase.

    Annonymous #3: My height doesn't vary that much throughout the day. Anyways, I still got a height PR(personal record). Which shouldn't have happened unless there was some legit height increase.

    Annonymous #4: Time of day shouldn't matter.

    Clouds: I haven't gained any weight because I'm working on losing body fat to increase my insulin sensitivity.

  11. Can you write something about LSJL with clamp? It's works well as dumbbell?

    Thanks and good works!