Thursday, July 1, 2010

LSJL Update

I'm almost recovered from the virus.  I may be gaining some millimeters of height.  Still using 70lbs dumbell.  It is very effective for the legs but it is just too big for the arms.  I'm thinking of starting to test out a table clamp.  Table clamps are available for pretty cheap like so Bessey TK-6 Table Clamp.  Tapping is okay but I just think that loading is more effective.  They do list the measurements for the table clamps so have to find one that can fit around the elbow.  The table clamp can also be used to do the shoulder.  You can't really do the part of the clavicle closest to the sternum because it's too big.  Anyone who knows more about clamps can give their recommendation.  I wanted to show some pictures of my ankles.  The hyaline cartilage growth plate line is visible on an x-ray.  Sometimes it is blurry but it is the part of the bone that is the whitest and is the same texture of whiteness as the articular cartilage at the end of the bones in the x-ray.  But the growth plate line is really high up on the epiphysis so it perhaps may be best to load as high up on the epiphysis as possible is using a clamp.  Using a dumbell allows for testing other factors like periosteal progeintor cells because it covers my areas.  Anyways here's my ankle:

You can see redness in the bone(remember we are targetting RED bone marrow).  You can't really see it in the knees because there is more fat there than in the ankles.  But the redness indicates to me that LSJL is effective in causing trabecular microfracture and stimulates fluid flow transporting stem cells to the hyaline cartilage growth plate line.  I don't see this redness in my wrists so that's why I want to try the table clamp.


  1. Tyler, how long do you hold the weight on the epiphysis?

  2. Hi tyler,
    Sorry, dun mean to hijack this post. But i have some questions regarding all these unconventional methods that only knowledgeable experimenters like you can best answer.

    I believe u ever create one post regarding stretching of bone to increase height.
    I ever heard that bone will only increase in density in response to loading instead of lengthening. Microfractures are too insignificant unlike normal fractures that are across the bone.
    So how is it possible for bone stretching as claimed by others to work?
    This is must be the reason why doctors resort to deliberately fracture as an essential step to limb lengthening?

    Please understand that these queries are not set against your LSJL. I understand that they belong to a different category of concept.

    Based on your knowledge, please correct me if i am wrong. Forgive me for any inconvenience.

  3. Last measurement, one months ago is 6 ft... Is still 6???? LSJL has stop working?

  4. Annonymous I: I hold the weight on the epiphysis for 30 seconds with 70lbs and I do 30 taps. The weight on the epiphysis is effective for the bones on the inner knee and the ankle but not so much the other bones. So I'm trying to tap harder and investigating using a table clamp.

    Annonymous II: It'd be weird if bones didn't lengthen in response to stretching. If you stretch something it lengthens unless it's like the ligaments where it has a lot of elasticity. Bones have a built in mechanism to maintain the stretch and that is microfracture. You pull a pencil apart and you get cracks within the pencil that help the pencil maintain the longer state. It is the same with bone except bone has the ability to heal these microfractures.

    This is different from limb lengthening which involves periosteal progenitor cells. And why you need deliberate fracture so you get damage to the periosteum to release those cells.

    Limb lengthening is not the same as cortical bone microfracture to lengthen.

    Limb Lengthening: Periosteal Progenitor Cells

    Bone Stretching: Everything lengthens when it's stretched. Microfractures in the cortical bone allow the bone to maintain the stretched state.

    Annonymous III: I've been sick but I've been getting back on track. I may be gaining a few millimeters recently. I'll let you know when I do.

  5. Annonymous III: Do you think that LSJL could grow me too?

  6. I think I saw that you mentioned you were up to about 5'9 and 1/4", have you ever listed your starting height?

  7. Hi Tayler

    What is the total duration of your LSJL general routine daily?. thanks

  8. I am 5'9 1/2" and started at 5'8 1/2". I do 30 taps on each ends of the long bones with 10lbs dumbell and push down on the ends of my bone with a 70lbs dumbell for a long 30 count.

  9. I have measure my height several times a day, for many day, I doN't perform LSJL, I have found a difference of 4 cm (about 1 1/2") to min to max height. It is possible that your growth is due to height variance during day?

    Are you sure that if you meausre you in the evening, after sit a lot you are not yet 5'8 1/2"?

    Please I don't want to be arrogant I also hope that LSJL works on me, but I think that is a fact to be investigated to be sure of LSJL efficency!

    Anyway congratulations whit your LSJL research! Bye I hope to hear you soon.

  10. Speaking for myself, I only measure height when I wake up. I figure this is a well-controlled situation, as the discs have had plenty of time to decompress while I've slept. Doing this roughly once every 1 - 3 weeks, I've seen a continual upward trend. I don't see any point in recording data points at any other times in the day, even if you're averaging. I do however like to take at least a few each time I measure.