Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elevation and Height Development

Altitude effects on growth of indigenous children in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico.

"Independent of other environmental conditions, altitude negatively affected height by approximately -0.07 z-scores per kilometer altitude above sea level. The estimated average decrease in stature was 0.92 cm per kilometer elevation{Would living at an altitude below sea level increase height?}. BMI was significantly increased, 1.2 units per kilometer elevation, consistent with earlier studies of growth status and altitude. In contrast, weight was not affected by altitude of residence. Approximately 36% of the reduction in height and 54% of the increase in BMI were due to altitude effects; the remaining changes in height and BMI were associated with environmental factors reflected in the indices of community well-being considered."

"Reduced growth at high altitudes is causally associated with chronic hypoxia associated with reduced partial pressure of oxygen."

Height altitude was compared at 5-999 altitude to 1000-1999 and 2000-2804.  So living below 1000m of altitude may increase height but we can't be clear whether say 200m altitude is better for height than 600m.

"linear growth may be affected at 1,000 m and higher."

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