Sunday, August 8, 2010

LSJL Update

Minimizing the effects of stretching and posture are hard.  I never thought they made much of a difference because I always compare my height against a door and I'll pretty short next to a door but standing next to a tape measure it can make quite a bit of difference.  At exactly the right posture I'm around 5'9 1/2".  Based on head tilt and other issues it can go about an inch below that. My Tibial measurement is a little over 16" versus last time I measured it was a solid 16 so there's some development there.  Here's last times pictures:  Bone Length Increase.

Here's the before pictures of before I started using the table clamp on the calcaneus.  Looks a little thicker, obviously the light is different and that's due to me being a digital camera noob.  Someone asked about getting a bigger jaw, if you want a bigger chin then you want to perform joint loading on your chin so you get that periosteal shear resulting in a bigger chin.  If you want to get a longer jaw then you want to load below the articular cartilage attaching the chin to the rest of the skull.  The Mandible is a weird bone like the distal phalanges(last bone of the finger) where it has properties of both irregular and long bones.  There's no periosteum covering the top ends of the jaw giving it long bone like properties.


  1. Tyler, awesome!! Thanks so much for this blog and all that you've shared. Which has been more effective in your opinion, the dumbbells or the clamp? Thanks, Pete

  2. I've been doing LSJL for just over a week now, and it has highlighted to me the importance of targeting the bones carefully. I find using the flat end of a dumbell bar, and not the weight on it is a good way to focus the pressure in the right place. No gains so far, but early days. I'm doing tapping and loading, haven't added table clamp yet but am finding the other enough for now. My height fluctuates between 180cm and 178.5cm as the day goes on, so until I end the day no less than 179cm I won't really count any gain. Will keep you posted. Daniel.

  3. Hi tyler,
    why not consider measuring ur lower legs height against the wall while in a sitting position. by this way it is more accurate.
    Btw, do you feel taller? like different in terms of how you look at stuff e.g eye level?


  4. So now you are up 1"?
    I thought it was 1/2" last month?

    You still loading 5 times a week?
    What weight are you using now?
    How much time are you loading each joint?
    Do you use a lot of pressure with your hands?

  5. I've halted my LSJL routine until I head back off to college (< 2 Weeks) but am still stretching. I've purchased a C-Clamp as well as its more portable than dumbbells.

    Tyler, can you update us on your current routine? I know it can change often as mine has but I would like some more info on it so I can tap into LSJL once again. (An update to the LSJL Routine with Duration etc. like Anonymous posted if it has changed would be appreciated!)

  6. has anyone else reading this gained any height by performing lsjl?
    I want to see if there are any others making progress, to what degree, and what their routine looks like

  7. I just started about 3 days ago. So far, no real discernible gain in height. My knees and ankles are sore from the clamp. I like to think i may have gained a few mm's but can't confirm for sure. It could be a placebo effect, but the science behind what Tyler's written seems solid.


  8. Hey Tyler, did you read the post by anonymous #4?
    Im hoping to hear what you have to say in response

  9. I'm doing 70 lbs dumbell 30 seconds, 30 seconds tap clamp, 30 taps with 10 lb dumbell. Growth is at least 1/2". Other growth can't be confirmed yet.

    I don't have enough time to try to load my hands too busy experimenting with other stuff.