Monday, February 14, 2011

February Height Increase-LSJL Update

Still hovering at around 5'9 3/4"-5'10".  I was a little bit spoiled by's progress at the forums but I'm going to be changing my routine around to try start growing taller again.  I was a little disheartened by Peter22 not getting results over at the forums so I'm going to be making some adjustments.

First, I'm changing my weight lifting routine around.  I was doing some experiments with axial loading with very heavy weights as described here.  I've been doing growing taller experiments for almost five years and I started out reading Easy Height and Giant Scientific.  I even took some classes in Anatomy and Physiology(the knowledge is nothing compared to what I learned on my own).  Lifting with very heavy weights is interesting as it's almost as if your body won't let your muscles contract and the majority of the load goes onto the bones(axial loading has unique benefits).  It also may help you grow taller by spiral forces.  The problem with lifting heavy weights is that's very taxing on the CNS leading to overtraining so I'm going back to grass roots and doing very light weights, very quickly, for a lot of reps.  The goal is to get a lot of pulling forces against the bone to mimic vibration.  Doing lighter weights will allow me to focus more on clamping.  I'll alleviate some over-training symptoms and start growing taller.

Some people over at the LSJL forums were reporting gains so I was getting lazy.  But Peter22, didn't and no height seeker left behind so I'm reinvigorating myself.  And frankly, it's going to take some big results to convince people that's possible to grow taller.  The height increase Lateral Synovial Joint Loading study should have gone viral. Scientific studies don't tend to go viral but I've seen some bone autograph studies go viral.  People have an ingrained bias that it's impossible to grow taller.  So it's going to take more results to get past that bias(even if those results

I've started using the Irwin Quick Grip for my finger test and arm.Quick-Grip 546 Mini Bar Clamp.  Some people like it better for the legs but I prefer the C-class clamp for the legs.Bessey DHCC-6 6-Inch Double Headed C-Clamp.  I'm going up to 1 minute for clamping.  It's much more intense than 30 seconds but I think 1 minute is better for inducing hypoxia which may be needed for chondrogenic differentiation(the skin is temporarily whiter after clamping).  In terms of dumbell loading, I'm going to try around 40lbs.  Too light means I have to put more effort into pushing the dumbell down.  I'm still going to stick to 30 seconds for dumbell loading until I've found what weight I want to use.

My goal is a 1/4" height gain in 2 months.  A full 5'10"(as I've never quite hit 5'10" when I've been measuring) or hopefully 5'10 1/4" as well.  And the Irwin Quick Grip will hopefully help me get a more noticeable finger length gain(I need to use dumbell loading to get the part closest to the base of the finger, I'm doing one minute for that).

So, expect pictures in one month.  No more letting carry all the height increase results.  We lost Peter22. Doing one minute loading will allow me to bypass actin cytoskeleton adaptation and get me another 1/4"(there are tons of before pics on this site, if the irwin quick grip results in a large finger length gain that will result in video proof which is impossible[or at least incredibly difficult] to fake).


  1. "Doing one minute loading will allow me to bypass actin cytoskeleton adaptation and get me another 1/4"." Does this mean that the secondary area and so forth will not be less reactive to loading because you will be loading those areas for a minute? So, the extended duration of loading will ensure all areas loaded will have optimum response to loading? A lack of exercise/cardio must be an issue since I load both ankles one minute, then another minute, then a final 30 seconds squeezing even harder. I alternate left, right, left, right, left, right.

  2. What happens if we started loading at 1 minute or more? Does this mean we would have to do it for even longer at some point to bypass adaptation? Im worried that im making it harder to see results.