Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grow taller with Spiral Fractures?

As many of you may know, Sky's limbcenter is based on non-surgical bone stretching.  His system involves stretching bone to lengthen it.  Now he states that this is due to Wolf's law but Wolf's law is incredibly outdated and only states that bone adapts to the demands placed on it(but not always in the ways we want).  Now before I unearthed lateral synovial joint loading my research for height increase dealt with growing taller by a combination of microstrain and microfractures.

My hypothesis for how Sky's limbcenter works is as follows:  Sky has a system of pulleys that stretches the bone.  The bone is elastic due to the collagen content so it is capable of stretching.  Now imagine you are pulling a stick apart, when you pull the stick apart tiny cracks form within the stick.  The cracks help the stick remain longer than before.  Except in the case of bone the microfractures can heal so now the bone is longer than before.

Now, the problem is that a pulley system is cumbersome and there are a lot of tendons and ligaments in the way.  So, the alternative: spiral forces.  Imagine you're twisting a stick.  The stick is being pulled apart and cracks in the stick structure will be induced.  But unlike a stick, the bone can heal the cracks and still be as long as before.

The easiest way to apply spiral forces on a bone would be to surgical insert an apparatus that enables you to turn and twist the bone.  But, you can apply spiral forces on the bone by hand by just twisting your appendages like giving yourself an Indian burn but on your bones.  Rotate your foot in such a way as to apply a twisting force on the bone.

The advantages are over pulling your bones apart is that you can contort yourself in such a way as to apply a twisting force on any long bone on your body including your clavicle, toes, and fingers.  You can do LSJL on your fingers and toes too but I'm working on my legs and arms first because it will take forever to do LSJL on all your fingers and toes(especially since four out of five of them have three long bones).  On the other hand you don't have to use dumbells or anything on your fingers and toes as you can generate a large amount of pressure yourself relative to the size of your finger bones.

The disadvantage is that it's a pain to take the time to twist all your long bones in such a way as to cause sufficient spiral forces on the bone to both lengthen and microfracture.  However, you will gain results faster if you do in conjunction with LSJL as it works by a different mechanism.

I am personally not doing this method(if I plateaued on LSJL then I would apply LSJL to my fingers first to get proof before I would consider doing this)  but it is something to think about trying if you're considering doing a Sky-esque bone stretching method.  And this is why I believe pitchers throwing arms are longer than their sedentary arm(I could never find any official evidence though, only anecdotal but scientific evidence is lacking in many areas) due to the spiral forces put on a pitchers arm when they throw a fast ball.


  1. hi there tyler, perhaps you should obtain a more accurate measuring device to measure your height or someone to do it for you instead..hehe. cos i remembered you saying that 5'8 1/2 was the height you got when measured in the clinic.If your height increase now is truly 5'9 1/2, without dumb man this LSJL is definitely working.

  2. Hey Tyler, i'm not sure if you know this but Sky released two different methods, one of them involving using a stationary bike with weights around the ankles, and he's claiming there to be many success stories. Do you have any thoughts on this method?

  3. are you saying that sky's method wouldn't work, though?

  4. during lsjl should you hit the bulges themselves or a little higher or lower from where they are?

  5. I usually hit the bulges just because it's a nice target but again this routine is in it's infancy therefore it's hard to develop an exact methodology.

    As for Sky's routine it may or may not work. We'll have to see those before/after pictures to make judgments.