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Increase your Height with Ecdysterone?

The height increase experimenter Alkoclar has been talking in private about a new height increasing program involving Ecdysterone.  The majority of Alkoclar's methods involve increasing CNP expression and the Nitrix Oxide Pathway.  Nitric Oxide has been mostly associated with chondrocyte hypertrophy but there is some evidence that parts of the NO pathway like CNP can contribute to chondrocyte proliferation.  But without causing stem cells to differentiate into chondrocytes how is enhanced CNP expression going to make you taller?  Increasing CNP expression during growth may increase height but how is it supposed to increase height post-terminal differentiation of chondrocytes?  Can Ecdysterone help you increase your height?

There's not any direct studies of Ecdysterone on chondrogenesis but that doesn't mean that Ecdysterone doesn't stimulate chondrogenesis.  This study involves nerve cells but it was the best I could find in terms of Ecdysterone(occasionally sometimes called Ecdysteroid) on the NO pathway.  Cells share many similarities regardless of type.

Ecdysteroid coordinates optic lobe neurogenesis via a nitric oxide signaling pathway.

"Proliferation of neural precursors in the optic lobe of Manduca sexta is controlled by circulating steroids and by local production of nitric oxide (NO). Cells throughout the optic anlage contain NOS and produce NO. Signaling via NO inhibits proliferation in the anlage. When exposed to low levels of ecdysteroid, NO production is stimulated and proliferation ceases. When steroid levels are increased, NO production begins to decrease within 15 minutes independent of RNA or protein synthesis and cells rapidly resume proliferation. Resumption of proliferation is not due simply to the removal of NO repression though, but also requires an ecdysteroid stimulatory pathway. The consequence of these opposing pathways is a sharpening of the responsiveness to the steroid, thereby facilitating a tight coordination between development of the different elements of the adult visual system."<-Ecdysteroid may be a cellular proliferation stimulant and this may translate to stem cells and chondrocytes and not just neural cells.

"NO action on target cells [sometimes activate] soluble guanylate cyclase leading to an increase in cGMP levels.  cGMP was not detected in the OA at any stage of optic lobe development by staining with an antibody to cGMP.  Inclusion of 100 mM ODQ, an inhibitor of soluble guanylate cyclase, did not overcome the block caused by 10 mM SNAP.  Culturing arrested brains with the membrane permeable cGMP analog, 8-bromo-cGMP, at 10 mM, did not block ecdysteroid-dependent entry into mitosis"<-ecdysteroid operates by another mechanism than inhibiting cGMP.  The inhibitor of guanylate cyclase did not restore cellular proliferation.  Only ecdysteroid restored cellular proliferation.  Furthermore, injecting cGMP did not inhibit the cellular proliferation induced by ecdysteroid.

So, ecdysteroid + cGMP equals max height growth by enabling both max chondrocyte hypertrophy and proliferation whereas normally the Nitric Oxide pathway is great for hypertrophy but causes a cessation of cellular proliferation.  The authors of the study state that Ecdysteroid may be required for the entry into mitosis making it very powerful stuff.

Here's a study that states ecdysterone stimulates growth plates:

Beneficial effects of beta-Ecdysone on the joint, epiphyseal cartilage tissue and trabecular bone in ovariectomized rats.

"Ecdysteroids are steroids found in invertebrates and plants. In mammals they have protein anabolic effects{this means we can eat invertebrates and plants for anabolic effects}. Tinospora cordifolia (TC) extract [has the] active [ingredient] of beta-Ecdysone (Ecd). Pure Ecd in ovariectomized rats [resulted in] morphological changes in joint, epiphyseal cartilage and trabecular tissue. Following ovariectomy rats were fed for 1 month with Ecd containing food at a dose of 52.8 mg/day/animal. Positive and negative control animals received 17-beta Estradiol (E(2), 132 microg/day/animal) and soy free (sf) food respectively. At sacrifice, specimens consisting of upper tibiae-lower femurs and knee joint were harvested. Ecd and E(2)[estrogen] induced a significant increase in the thickness of joint cartilage. The whole epiphyseal growth plate and its proliferative and hypertrophic zones were also increased by Ecd{Ecdysterone stimulated the growth plate} whereas E(2) reduced their size{this was probably over the equilibrium quantity of estrogen you need some estrogen}. The percentage of trabecular area in the metaphysis of tibia was significantly increased in Ecd and E(2) treated animals."

So ecdysterone is pro-chondrogenic and therefore may possibly be height increasing.

"Ecd was totally ineffective to bind to a cytosolic estrogen receptor preparation compared to 17-β estradiol even at concentration of 10−3 M "<-Maybe Ecdysterone provides the height increasing benefits of Estrogen without the height inhibiting elements of Estrogen?

"β-ecdysterone could accelerate bone regeneration, exhibiting higher bone volume, bone surface, and bone mineral density at each observation time point. Immunohistochemistry confirmed that the β-ecdysterone also increased the expression of collagen, osteocalcin, and bone morphogenetic protein-2 in the experiment group at 4 and 8 weeks. In conclusion, β-ecdysterone is a new bone regeneration regulator that can stimulate MC3T3-E1 cell proliferation and induce bone regeneration through the BMP-2/Smad/Runx2/Osterix pathway."<-BMP2 has height increase implications so this is promising

"Rats injected intraperitoneally with 72 mg/kg β-Ecd showed a higher degree of ossification of regenerated bone tissue at the site of the bone defect at weeks 4 and 8. β-ecdysterone binding to the BMP2 receptor activates SMAD1 to bind to SMAD1/5/8, promotes RUNX2 and OSTERIX replication in the nucleus, and mediates bone regeneration."

"[Ecdysterone] can improve disc degeneration"<-this would increase height as the discs are part of height.

"rats injected intraperitoneally with 72 mg/kg of β-ecdysterone had a higher degree of gross bone tissue growth, bone mineral density, and degree of ossification in regenerated bone tissue at the site of the bone defect"

"During osteogenesis, osteoblasts undergo proliferation and gradually differentiate into osteocytes. Calcium salts are deposited in bone cells before they form bone tissue. The cells then fuse, mineralize, and form mineralized nodules."

"β-ecdysterone significantly increased intracellular BMP-2, Smad1/5, p-Smad1/5, Runx2, and osterix proteins"

" the calcium phosphorus crystals in the bone tissue of the experimental group were arranged in a regular shape and the collagenous fibers were arranged in a circular shape. The direction of arrangement of the collagenous fibers was consistent with that of the bone cavities"

The Ecdysterone bones may be taller I can't tell.

Ecdysterone is available for sale: Beta Ecdysterone Bulk Powder 30 Grams .  Ecdysterone seems likely to stimulate proliferation in all cell types including muscle, BONE, skin, neurons, etc.  Therefore, it can help you become bigger and taller but it doesn't seem like it can cause chondrogenic differentiation which seems to be a necessary step for height growth.


  1. please simply answer high level of no increase height or not ???

  2. Ecdysterone increases cellular proliferation. That should help height growth if you already have chondrocytes available to proliferate. How much this will increase height is currently unknown.

    1. Ecdysterone cannot be utilized by mammals at all. I checked out the research article and sure enough it's legit.

      "Identification of ligands and coligands for the ecdysone-regulated gene switch."
      Saez E, Nelson MC, Eshelman B, Banayo E, Koder A, Cho GJ, Evans RM.

      The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 10010 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA.

      The presence of ecdysone molecules in the plant kingdom is nearly universal. Plants use ecdysteroids as natural insecticides, yet ecdysteroids are completely innocuous in mammals. Despite their steroidal skeleton, they have no teratogenic, sex-hormonal, anabolic, or analgesic properties. Moreover, humans consume large amounts of dietary ecdysteroids without such effects. For example, fresh spinach contains over 100 µg/g of 20-hydroxyecdysone. In rats, daily administration of 2 g/kg of ecdysteroid for 35 days has no effect on serum chemistry or organ weight. Ingested ecdysteroids survive the acidic conditions of the stomach, are quickly taken up, are promptly removed from the bloodstream, and are disposed of primarily through biliary excretion into the intestine.

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    1. yes i agree a lot of important interesting questions have been ignored whilst it might not be possible to have correct answer for all questions as some are unproven or unknown it would futher progress if we could upgrade our knowledge in this field?

    2. i have this in my muscle protein powder supplement i am just wondering if you would need to take this in large quantities and that could prove very expensive ?.

  4. I'm thinking about getting it. Please clarify, for someone with fused plates, will taking this Ecdysterone Capsule alone cause growth in our bones, and maybe do LSJL to increase chondrogenic differentiation?

    1. you need to read the article, and make your own choices, he can't choose all the time for you.

  5. Question: Will bones in our jaw or any facial bones also experience growth?

  6. You already know the name of the supplement, you mentioned it in one of your articles.

  7. what does cause chrondrogenic differation?

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