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Does Hyaluronic Acid Supplementation work to gain height?

In previous research on Hyaluronic Acid, we learned of it's possible height increase applications.  We learned that Hyaluronic Acid helped encourage chondrogenic differentiation of stem cells.  Hyaluronic Acid mediates hydrostatic pressure by absorbing water.  Hyaluronic Acid also increases chondrocyte proliferation.  In conclusion, higher serum levels of hyaluronic acid may lead to increased chondrocyte differentiation and proliferation which can lead to increased height growth.

Some scientists have been insistent that Hyaluronic Acid supplementation does not work ->Source Naturals Hyaluronic Acid 100mg, 60 Tablets.  That this form of supplementation is digested by the body and that you need to actually inject the hyaluronic acid into the target areas.  To most scientists that area is the synovial joint, to us height seekers it would be within the epiphysis.  So, is oral Hyaluronic Acid effective in increasing serum levels of Hyaluronic Acid?  Will that Hyaluronic Acid be properly used to increase chondrocyte differentiation and proliferation?

Absorption, uptake and tissue affinity of high-molecular-weight hyaluronan after oral administration in rats and dogs.

"The purpose of this study was to determine the absorption, distribution and excretion of (99m)technetium-labeled, high-molecular-weight hyaluronan (((99m)Tc-HA) and (99m)technetium pertechnetate ((99m)Tc-P) after single dose, oral administration to Wistar rats and Beagle dogs. A pilot study utilized (99m)Tc-HA alone, and a second confirmatory study compared uptake of labeled (99m)Tc-HA with (99m)Tc-P. Urinary and fecal excretion after (99m)Tc-HA ingestion by rats showed 86.7-95.6% of radioactivity was recovered, almost all in feces. All tissues examined showed incorporation of radioactivity from (99m)Tc-HA starting at 15 min and persisting for 48 h[so the rats and dogs had tissues that used hyaluronic Acid], in a pattern significantly different from (99m)Tc-P. Whole-body scintigraphs and close-ups of the ventral chest region showed nonalimentary radioactivity from (99m)Tc-HA concentrated in joints, vertebrae and salivary glands four hours after administration[nonalimentary means it was not digested, so the Hyaluronic Acid was used in the joints and vertebrae which could help you grow taller it's unclear whether HA would be used in the bone marrow which would help differentiation into chondrocytes]. Autoradiography of skin, bone and joint tissue pieces after 24 h showed incorporation of radioactivity from (99m)Tc-HA, but not from (99m)Tc-P. Conversely, absorption, distribution and excretion of (99m)Tc was completely different from (99m)Tc-HA, showing an expected pattern of rapid absorption and excretion in urine, with accumulation in thyroid glands, stomach, kidney and bladder. This report presents the first evidence for uptake and distribution to connective tissues of orally administered, high-molecular-weight HA[First evidence?  If that's the case, so much for looking for other studies related to oral HA absorption]."

"HA in dietary supplements is derived from extraction of chicken combs or by microbial fermentation, although some sources are simple cartilage powders or hydrolyzed cartilage, which are not well characterized with respect to HA content and molecular weight. Thus, most HA being ingested by consumers is in a high-molecular-weight form around 1 million daltons (1 MDa)[So basically it's likely that the Hyaluronic Acid supplement you take is high molecular weight]."

Chondroitin also appears to be absorbed.

Oral bioavailability of chondroitin sulfate (Condrosulf®) and its constituents in healthy male volunteers

"The aim of this study was to assess the bioavailability of chondroitin sulfate and its constituents after oral administration of Condrosulf to 20 healthy male volunteers. Pharmacokinetic parameters and the structure and properties of plasma chondroitin sulfate were determined after administration of Condrosulf. The possible physiological regulation of plasma levels of endogenous chondroitin sulfate during the day was also assessed.
Condrosulf (composed of bovine origin chondroitin sulfate, 4 g) was orally administered to 20 healthy human volunteers, and chondroitin sulfate derivatives were extracted and purified from plasma over a 48 h period. Polysaccharide fractions absorbed by oral route were characterized and quantified by agarose-gel electrophoretic technique, and densitometric scanning. In addition, the percentage of constituent disaccharides and charge density were measured in an effort to physico-chemically characterize chondroitin sulfate fractions absorbed per os.
Plasma levels of endogenous chondroitin sulfate were detectable in all subjects, and the mean values calculated on six subjects varied during the day from 0.3 to 5.3 μg/ml. After administration of Condrosulf, chondroitin sulfate plasma levels increased (more than 200%) in all subjects with a peak concentration after 2 h, with the increase reaching significance from 2 to 6 h. Absorption of exogenous chondroitin sulfate was also proved by the change in the composition of disaccharides in plasma after drug administration with respect to baseline. A significant decrease in the relative amount of non-sulfated disaccharide was measured (reaching the minimum relative percentage of 22.96±11.68% at 4 h). At the same time 4-sulfated disaccharide increased to a maximum of 60.50±10.45% after 4 h and 6-sulfated disaccharide appeared in blood, reaching a maximum concentration of 17.33±6.52% after 2 h. Concomitantly the mean charge density increased from 0.40±0.09 at pre-dose to a maximum of 0.78±0.11 4 h after Condrosulf administration. As for safety, the treatment was well tolerated and did not determine any relevant change in vital signs nor ECG.
From this study and literature data, it appears that exogenous chondroitin sulfate (Condrosulf) is absorbed as a high molecular mass polysaccharide together with derivatives resulting from a partial depolymerization and/or desulfation."

So Chondroitin was absorbed and the studies that have shown no absorption of Chondroitin(& Glucosamine) are controversial.  Chondroitin & Glucosamine have less promise though for permanent height gains and seem most likely to help with intervertebral disc height.

So if you have some spare cash Hyaluronic Acid may help you gain a little height during puberty and may help augment LSJL(or LIPUS) results.  Since it is produced by the body it is not essential.

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