Friday, July 23, 2010

Actually, I've grown around 1/2" with LSJL

Okay, there were some measurement error problems but I find a good way to effectively measure height.  So I'm 5'9" up from 5'8 1/2" but not 5'9 1/4" like I thought.  Here's the previous pics:  Bone Length Increase.  Here's my height measurement:  I have a bump on my head(bone) so that's why it doesn't quite look like 69 inches but if you incorporate the hair which covers the bump then you get 69.

The tape measure is going up to 69 inches.

So you can see that it's the same place on the wall as with the other picture.  Here's tibia and fibula pics:
So now when I grow to 69 1/4" I'll be able to prove LSJL.


  1. I have read this blog since start even before starting the LSJL routine. Its been impressive to see such dedication to this long questioned dilemma."Is it possible to grow taller after puberty?"

    Great work indeed but as a dreamer myself,
    I felt this post as a very serious backstab, a hurting one indeed. To see you go from nearly 5'10(5'9 3/4 ) dude back to 5'9 base area made me realize one thing again, It's not that easy & fast to gain height.

    I have miscalculated my height too few times, just to prove that measurement errors are normal.

    What kind of circumstances you made your new measurement, hard exercise could take 1/8-1/4 inch from your total height by compression.

    Cheers, and take care. Hope to read new success next two weeks.

  2. Well, I wasn't doing a precise measurement because I was definitely increasing height so I would just wait for a critical mass. Then I had an epiphany about how exactly to prove it and realized I was off by about 3/4". I still grew by 1/2", other people still got results from LSJL.

    Here's a letter I've received:

    Hi Tyler,
    > Just to give you an update on my results. I've done the lsjl now for 6
    > days and I kid you not there is a definite 2mm increase in tibia
    > height. Your initial reaction might be measuring error, but I have a
    > very specific method whereby I sit down on my ass, bend my knee and
    > measure against a spot on the wall, feet exactly at the same spot,
    > every time with a square ruler. Shinbone 2010 have not given results
    > on my other leg yet.Whether this is due to swelling of the bone or
    > actual increase, I don't know yet. I'm extremely excited and will keep
    > you updated every week.
    > My routine:Using a 10 pound hammer I load the desired areas. Althought
    > the weight is light, I am able to add significant pressure with my
    > hands on the hammer stick. I do this as you recommended, doing taps
    > and squeezes. the pain is hectic, so I do 20 second squeezes, about 5
    > reps on each of the bone ends. My current age is 28, height 5'5. My
    > wife thinks I'm crazy seeking more height and thinks my experiments
    > are totally whacky, but I can't wait for another week to pass to see
    > if I have any additional results. By the way, I do lsjl just before
    > going to bed.
    > I'll await your respons,
    > Richo.

    I figured that I would just wait for others to get results and that would be the proof but then I figured out a way to just prove it. Well, people might say I'm bending my knees or something in this picture versus the after but I'm not and I'm sure someone could dissect it to prove it.

  3. Problems? I've had success (~2mm/week) with joint loading:

    1. Don't perform Joint Loading daily. This can't be healthy to the bones. Leave 1-2 days in between. You destroy muscles if you do hard training daily, and bones don't heal as fast as muscles! Less (and regular) is often more. The mice were only 8 weeks old, theres a difference between 8 week old mice and a grown (hu)man.

    2. Measure different: with a book, a pen and a door. The initial reference will then not be wrong, unlike tape measurement. But then: drink daily the same amount, avoid stretching, keep your weight the same (feet pressure), measure exactly 1 hour after you stood up.

    3. I don't keep it for 60 or 30 seconds. I make a lot of repititions with about 15 seconds. As strong as I feel the pressure, but not that strong that I feel pain. I'm still wondering why they did 4 minute light pressoure on the mice. This is an anabolic procedure: I compare it to body building whereby muscles regenerate faster. I rather prefer something like HIT Training.

    4. I drink milk daily, but as I read your OA article, I'm thinking about to take gluc. and chro. If muslces need 2 to heal, how long will it take to heal bones (completely to avoid OA). Maybe the most important question to maximize the results.

    5. As I remember the pic, the full epiphysis was loaded, not only the part of the cartilage. Thats why I always load the full epiphysis and not only the cartilage part.

    What do you think about this?

  4. Absolutely agree with ^^^^anonymous.
    I was thinking exactly this about bone healing, but don't know why I didn't bring it up in previous article comment sections.
    I'd figure even 3 times a week would be fine.
    Not sure about the multiple sets of short bursts though. Doesn't really seem to benefit anything really IMO.
    Good thoughts Tyler and anonymous

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why not 1 and 1/2 inches... jus jokin...Aniway, thanks tyler for making an effort to explain his routine honestly even though he is not obligated to.

    Anonymous 2: how much have you grown from LSJL?
    U mention u grown 2mm/week? Thanks

  6. Anonymous said...

    "Problems? I've had success (~2mm/week) with joint loading:"

    How many weeks have it been this way/how much did you gain? :)

  7. As I stretch as well as do LSJL I have noticed days where my back is sore or I am overworked, etc. My height will be down 1/8-1/4" but one day I even found myself down 1/2-3/5" just due to various reasons. I took two days off from everything (exercising, LSJL, & Stretching) and I was back up to normal. Try and give yourself a break for a couple days and see what's up?

    On a side note:
    I have the benefit of a very large mirror built in mirror for the entirety of one of my bathroom's walls (above the sink/counter) and handmade chart so I can see where I can stretch my height up to or where my height is at in real time. I don't know exactly how you're measuring yourself but there are so many different factors to take in I will never go back to my old methods and will stick with the one above.

    So, that raises my question: How exactly are you going about measuring yourself?

  8. Hi guys, 1st i would like to thank you from all of my heart, Tyler, because you're putting so much time and effort in this and i'm 100% sure that as long as you don't give up you're going to find something.
    I wanted to share with you my way of measuring: Using a tape ruler, i put like the head between my heels, in the back. Then i stretch it behind my back, standing as str8 as i can. When i reach the top of my head i just use 2 fingers to hold the ruller on that value, then i remove it and take a look. I'm 5'9 1.75 :P

  9. I never trust tape measures to give an accurate reading of height. I do however tend to trust them to make accurate measurements of small distances as long as they are used as intended. And I certainly wouldn't use a rounded-off historical value as a baseline - I really hope that's not what you've done here.

    I'm not sure where your threshold for "proof" comes from, but to my mind we are at this point exploring the degree to which LSJL works rather than whether it works.

    At what time of day did you measure your height?

  10. I measure my height in the afternoon. This was more like a reset of the height threshold. I found an effective way to measure the height change by taping the tape measure in the wall.

    I needed to set a new baseline for the new measurement system so I could effectively measure the change. Plus this way, I can take picture proof.

    Organic testimonials of results are a good form of proof but photographic evidence is needed. There are a lot of testimonials about the effectiveness of stretching but 2 inches from stretching is insane. Where is that height coming from? Stronger muscles supporting the spine? Increased number of proteoglycans in the cartilage?

    What I'm saying is that there's the testimonial proof for stretching but without photographic proof I have doubts about it.

    My threshold for proof is photographic evidence. It would be very hard to photoshop additional inches into the tibia for example as the way the soleus increases in width as you go up along the tibia. Photoshop would mess up that dynamic.

  11. sorry i know this is not a forum but is there any tutorial or guide to perform lsjl ive been trying to find out exactly how to do it but i cant find it can somebody help me out?

  12. How to perform LSJL is in the sidebar called experimental LSJL routine. Table clamp is showing the most promise as of now.