Friday, November 16, 2012

Grow Taller with Sophorae Beans(Quercetin)

Due to abundant evidence that inhibiting Wnt and Beta-Catenin can cause ectopic chondrogenesis and our goal is to form new growth plates.  I am recommending quercetin as a beta-catenin inhibitor.  However, an analysis of the processes altered by axial loading revealed that axial loading may be able to induce ectopic chondrogenesis but just not full integrate them into growth plates.  Wnt and Beta-Catenin are essential for growth plates but mainly in the hypertrophic stage.  Given that the hypertrophic stage is the predominant determinant of adult height you should not take Quercetin if you have active growth plates.

First, you should do LSJL without taking Quercetin and measure height.  Then you cycle off for 1-2 weeks(and all supplements) after 2-3 weeks to allow to regain osteocyte sensitivity which are crucially involved in regulating the growth plates.  You measure bone length increase.  Then you take quercetin on the next LSJL cycle after you have established a baseline to see if Quercetin has any impact on gains.  After the first Quercetin LSJL cycle you can try doubling the dose since higher dosages may further inhibit Beta-Catenin.  Evidence of Quercetin Toxicity has been found after two years but cycling may prevent that.

Quercetin: Jarrow Formulas Quercetin 500mg, 100 Capsules

TGF-Beta and IGF-1 help encourage stem cell differentiation into chondrocytes.  The goal of LSJL is to induce stem cell differentiation into chondrocytes in order to form a kind of mini-growth plate.  Sophorae Beans, although this may be mostly due to Quercetin, increase TGF-Beta and IGF-1 levels.  Of course, we're not sure if it competes with other supplements(if you are taking a particular other supplement will that mean that Sophorae Beans will have no effect?).  Or, if there's a negative feedback mechanism associated with the increase in TGF-Beta and IGF-1 levels.  Do Sophorae Beans(or Quercetin) have to be cycled?

Here's an example of a Sophorae Fructus supplement: FRUCTUS SOPHORAE Gentlex Pill (HUAI JIAO) 250mg X 100 pills per bottle

Isoflavones extracted from Sophorae fructus upregulate IGF-I and TGF-beta and inhibit osteoclastogenesis in rat bone marrow cells.

"Isoflavones have been a central subject in research on the natural phytoestrogens found in Leguminosae. [Isoflavones] can act like estrogen by binding on estrogen receptors on the target cell surface{so when seeing if other supplements have competing effects we want to look at other supplements that act on estrogen receptors particularly other isoflavones, ideally an isaflovone would bind to an estrogen receptor and mimic the pro-height components while blocking the anti-height components of some estrogen compounds.}. When estrogen is no longer produced in the body a remarkable bone remodeling process occurs, and the associated events are regulated by growth factors in the osteoblast lineage. In the present study, we investigated whether isoflavones (Isocal) extracted from Sophorae fructus affect the growth factors IGF-I and TGF-beta that have been known to be related with bone formation. The active control (PIII) effectively enhanced the level of nitric oxide (NO) and growth factors, and thereby inhibited osteoclastogenesis. The most efficient concentration was 10(-8)% within five days, whereas the comparative control (soybean isoflavone) was not as effective even at a lower concentration. In conclusion, the products which contain enriched glucosidic isoflavone and nutrient supplements such as shark cartilage and calcium can be used for osteoporosis therapy by enhancing the production of IGF-I and TGF-beta. Furthermore, the NO produced through endothelial constitutive NO synthase (ecNOS) may play a role in inhibiting bone reabsorption."

So Sophorae Beans can help you grow taller by increasing levels of IGF-1 and TGF-Beta both in active growth plates or if trying to form a new growth plate with LSJL.  This depends of course on you not taking any supplements that compete with the same pathways as Sophorae Beans and the effect of Sophorae Beans not diminishing over time.

Simultaneous determination and pharmacokinetic study of six flavonoids from Fructus Sophorae extract in rat plasma by LC-MS/MS.

"six flavonoids including sophoricoside, genistin, genistein, rutin, quercetin and kaempferol [were elevated] in rat plasma after oral administration of Fructus Sophorae extract"<-you may want to take sophorae without the genistein.

Quercetin can increase Sox9.

The effect of quercetin on expression of SOX9 and subsequent release of type II collagen in spheno-occipital synchondroses of organ-cultured mice.

"A total of 50 one-day-old male BALB/c mice were randomly assigned to the control and experimental groups. Each group was subdivided into five different time points, which were 6, 24, 48, 72, and 168 hours, and each subgroup contained 5 mice. In the experimental group, the spheno-occipital synchondrosis was immersed in the BGJb medium + quercetin dihydrate 1 µM. In the control group, the spheno-occipital synchondrosis was immersed in the BGJb medium. Tissue sections were subjected to immunohistochemical staining for SOX9 and type II collagen expressions.
Quantitative analysis revealed there was a statistically significant increase of 32.31% in the expression of SOX9 between experimental groups and control groups at 24 hours. Furthermore, there was a statistically significant increase of 22.99% in the expression of type II collagen between experimental groups and control groups at 72 hours."

"some minor inhibition of stromelysin expression occurred at 10 uM concentrations of quercetin, this was accompanied by an even larger inhibition of proteoglycan expression." according to The antioxidants curcumin and quercetin inhibit inflammatory processes associated with arthritis., quercetin may have a minimal effect on inflammatory pathways.  And there was no inhibition of proteoglycan at 1 miroM.

quercetin does not inhibit MMP-13 production furthering the theory that it has low effect on inflammatory pathways.

Quercetin is the compound that is most likely to be anabolic and height increasing thus you may want to only take that.

Quercetin may also be a beta-catenin inhibition and beta-catenin inhibition can cause ectopic chondrogenesis.

Isoquercitrin isolated from Hyptis fasciculata reduces glioblastoma cell proliferation and changes beta-catenin cellular localization.

"nuclear beta-catenin staining observed in a subpopulation of untreated Gbm cells was found in the cytoplasm after 100-micromol/l isoquercitrin treatment"

"The flavonoid isoquercitrin (quercetin 3-O-[beta]-D-glucopyranoside), which is typically found in onions, is a quercetin moiety with a glucose molecule on C3 of the flavonoidic nucleus "

"When 100 µmol/l of isoquercitrin was added to Gbm cells, nuclear [beta]-catenin staining dramatically decreased to 4%, while non-nuclear staining increased to 77%"

"The decrease in nuclear [beta]-catenin is consistent with a decrease in Wnt/[beta]-catenin signaling activity."

Comparison of Quercetin Pharmacokinetics Following Oral Supplementation in Humans.

"[What's] the absorption of quercetin aglycone in 18 healthy human subjects administered via the following oral carrier systems: suspension of quercetin (quercetin QU995 powder in Tang(®) and spring water), nutritional bars (First Strike™), and chews (RealFX™ Q-Plus™)?"

Subjects received 500 mg Quercetin.

"The C(max) of quercetin was highest with RealFX™ Q-Plus™ Chews (1051.9 ± 393.1 μg/L) achieved within 3.3 h as compared to that for First Strike™ Bars (698.1 ± 189.5 μg/L in 2.3 h) and Tang(®) suspension (354.4 ± 87.6 μg/L in 4.7 h). "

The molecular weight of quercetin is 302.24.  So in the previous study 30224 ug/L was found to reduce beta-catenin localization to 4%.  

Onions, buck wheat tea, and Apple Sauce were other food sources of Quercetin.

Toxicity and carcinogenicity studies of quercetin, a natural component of foods.

"Quercetin is a naturally occurring chemical found in our daily diet in fruits and vegetables. Toxicity and carcinogenicity studies of quercetin were conducted in male and female F344/N rats, under conditions which allowed comparison to results of approximately 400 previously tested chemicals. The chemical was administered in the feed for 2-years at concentrations of 0, 1000, 10,000, or 40,000 ppm, and the estimated dose delivered was approximately 40-1900 mg/kg/day. There were no treatment-related effects on survival and no treatment-related clinical signs of toxicity. The high-dose groups had reduced body weight gain in comparison to controls during the last half of the study. At interim evaluations at 6 and 15 months, treatment-related toxic lesions were not observed, but at 2 years toxic and neoplastic lesions were seen in the kidney of male rats, including increased severity of chronic nephropathy, hyperplasia, and neoplasia of the renal tubular epithelium. Under the conditions of these 2-year studies quercetin showed carcinogenic activity in the kidney of the male rat, causing primarily benign tumors of the renal tubular epithelium. Quercetin did not cause tumors at other sites. Quercetin is a genotoxic chemical, but the neoplastic response observed in the kidney may be due in part to a combination of nongenotoxic and genotoxic events."<-If you cycle of Quercetin you likely can avoid these effects.

Attenuation of Chondrogenic Transformation in Vascular Smooth Muscle by Dietary Quercetin in the MGP-Deficient Mouse Model.

"Cartilaginous metaplasia of vascular smooth muscle (VSM) is characteristic for arterial calcification in diabetes and uremia and in the background of genetic alterations in matrix Gla protein (MGP){maybe specific removal of MGP can allow for ectopic chondrogesis in the bone?}.
This study aimed to identify the effects of bioflavonoid quercetin on chondrogenic transformation and calcification of VSM in the MGP-null mouse model and upon TGF-β3 stimulation in vitro, and to characterize the associated alterations in cell signaling.
Molecular analysis revealed activation of β-catenin signaling in cartilaginous metaplasia in Mgp-/- aortae in vivo and during chondrogenic transformation of VSMCs in vitro. Quercetin intercepted chondrogenic transformation of VSM and blocked activation of β-catenin both in vivo and in vitro{So quercetin's affect on chondrogenic differentiation may be mediated by it's effects on Beta-Catenin since blocking Beta-Catenin may be pro- and anti-chondrogenic at different points}. Although dietary quercetin drastically attenuated calcifying cartilaginous metaplasia in Mgp-/- animals, approximately one-half of total vascular calcium mineral remained as depositions along elastic lamellae.
Quercetin is potent in preventing VSM chondrogenic transformation caused by diverse stimuli. Combined with the demonstrated efficiency of dietary quercetin in preventing ectopic chondrogenesis in the MGP-null vasculature, these findings indicate a potentially broad therapeutic applicability of this safe for human consumption bioflavonoid in the therapy of cardiovascular conditions linked to cartilaginous metaplasia of VSM. Elastocalcinosis is a major component of MGP-null vascular disease and is controlled by a mechanism different from chondrogenic transformation of VSM and not sensitive to quercetin."

"Taking into account that quercetin inhibits TG2 via direct binding it is possible that modulation of TG2 enzymatic activity is central in chondrogenic metaplasia of VSM and its prevention. "


  1. None of the guys who performed LSJL had results greater than 4 cm. You said that LSJL is potentially unlimited. How do you explain this fact?

    1. No one has been performing LSJL for more than two years. chondrogenesis takes a lot of time so it's understandable that no one's exceeded this amount of 4cm.

  2. @ anonymous did you get 4 cm too from LSJL?
    i am gona start next month lets see what happens

    1. No, I have not started yet. The last post in which Tyler record last growth in height was on March 11, 2011. He said: "I have now grown to a full 5'10"". When someone in august 3, 2012 asked him why there were no increases in growth over 4 cm by LSJL tester he answered "I'm working on this. Loading at 200 seconds per day now". I do not want to discourage anyone, but we must face reality...


  4. 4cm in itself is a bloody good result. Supplements are the key to maximise results.

    I want to do perfirm alongside complimentary supplements. But there are too many to choose from. Confused, dont know what to take.

    1. Milk and diary, glucosammine-condroitine, Icariin, lactoferrin, B-complex, niacin, hyaluronic acid, Ghenerate, melatonin, ascorbic acid, LIPUS, PEMF...

  5. Tyler, I have a question about the Dutch diet. When I was a teenager I didn't eat cheese, dairy products, mozzarella, parmesan, grana ... I drank only one cup of milk in the morning (about 120 mg of calcium). Taking into account that a teenager should take 1200-1300 mg of calcium per day, if I had taken more calcium I could be taller?

  6. Wnt and Beta-Catenin are essential for growth plates but mainly in the hypertrophic stage. Given that the hypertrophic stage is the predominant determinant of adult height you should not take Quercetin if you have active growth plates.

    - so betacatenin is needed for hypetrophy??

  7. So this could be useful for closed plates, when performing LSJL.

  8. Wouldnt it be just better to find other substances or pathways that can increase hypertrophy?

    I mean.. Its hard to know if you have a functioning growth plate, most doctors cant really define what is a dead growth plate.

    I think recreating a functional growth plate sounds more important, Its hard for people to know if they are still able to grow.

    so bearing that in mind.., im just thinking this is what all we need for growth ?


    or is there more? do the hypertrophy cells also need to do something for us to grow? do they just apoptosis and we grow? or do they do something to remodel the bone?

    1. Whenever there's a compound that's stimulatory towards the hypertrophic stage but inhibitory towards other stages it increases height:
      See: Shox2, FGFR3, Twist1, Beta-Catenin.

      If someone is inhibitory towards the hypertrophic stage but stimulates the other stages it tends to decrease height:
      See: Sox9, ERK1/2.

      But with no growth plates this is not an issue as there are no stages and growth is zero without chondroinduction.

      I don't know exactly how chondrocyte hypertrophy increases height but maximizing chondrocyte hypertrophy in existing growth plates is the way to increase height. See the importance of FGFR3 inhibition. Although some compounds like CNP, BMP-2, and IGF-1 may be stimulatory towards all stages of growth plates.

    2. might be things to increase senitivity to those growth factors.

    3. My research suggests that at least for chondrocytes in the plate, the proliferation stage is the more key area. I would suggest focusing on how to increase proliferation, not hypertrophy since it seems that hypertrophy will happen as long as proliferation happens.

      While I agree that hypertrophy is what actually increases height, the rate limiting process seems to be the prollferative stage.

    4. Also take a look at this study,

      It implies that at least for post-natal natural growth process hypertrophy might be better to be avoided

    5. The genes that cause overgrowth lead to the conclusion that hypertrophy is the most important process. If something reduces the cell cycle but increases hypertrophy it increases height.

  9. it seems like we are very close to our goal with human height increase after puberty...
    tyler ..! i think you should save all data and posts in your personal hard drive ..
    you know just in case..

  10. hense no concrete method

  11. I take NOW Super Antioxidants as an LSJL supplement and it contains 100mg a pill and I take 2 because that is the serving size. Is 200mg enough or do I need more?

  12. ^talking about quercetin of course.

  13. Lsjl is not a solid method there are not studies available on humans,its a very theorically method but it are not going to work still need to find more things involve. We dont know really any person who really grow,its easy to tell everybody and make them dream so basically we need solid proofs

    1. Well, unfortunately there are no scientists who are testing LSJL on humans, older rats, or larger animals. I'm coaching some people to try to get more evidence of adult human height growth.

    2. what..???? tyler there is no proof of human height gain with LSJL yet??
      you said there are some people who got height by LSJL..:(
      so we are still proving or some pieces of information and data are missing?

  14. In theory< im just being hypothetical,
    if you injected stem cells, and caused them to differentiate, would you grow?

  15. Why we have to struggle with this things if i grew almost 3 cm within 2 months with hypnosys?
    I dont know how .Maybe hypnosys send me stem cells to growt plates.

    But extreme pain.

    1. how does this hypnosis works?
      please explain in detail..

  16. Hypnosis is very theorical too and also you need to be in a state of mind very powerfull. I think its posible to change the matrix but is very difficult to really think that you are going to grow after Must be convence of yourself and be very powerfull in the way you cant doubt it,

  17. Your last post was written 11 days ago. Your post on Sophorae beans (quercetin) has already been written a few years ago. You take it back and change its date. I'm annoyed (and I believe also other blog-followers) to know what supplements to take with LSJL. Now we all know that LSJL increase height by only 3-max 4 cm. Your last demostration of height increase, in which you said "I'm a full 5'10" now" is on 11 March 2011. I really admire your research and your studies in the course of adult height increase, but we must face to reality. I said many times that LSJL makes (slightly) taller, but not bigger. There are also other bones as well as arms, leg, feet and hands. We are in 2012 and the only method recognized by the scientific community is limb-lenghtening, postural gymnastics-stretching (which has temporary effects) and kojima rotation (which I think is a scam). No scientist has ever talked about how to use stem cells to increase the height. I contacted Dr. Jeffrey Baron.
    I asked him:

    "Do you think That in a near future will scentists are able to manipulate stem cells in order to reactivate endochondral ossification reopening/reactivating growth plates even if there are fused, perhaps through a transplant of cartilage and/or connective tissues? And Also they're able to restore intramembranous ossification in flat, short and irregular bones?".

    And he kindly answered me:

    "It is hard for me to predict how fast progress will be in this area. If I had to guess, I would predict that the ability to recreate a growth plate from stem cells, or similar approaches, will not happen in the next few years but will be further in the future. The same probably applies to intramembranous bone formation. However, that is all just a guess."

    This means that when scientists will be able to increase height in the most proportional way will be too late: we all will be elderly-senior people, if we are not still dead and buried (after living a short height-depressing life) in an age in which men move not with cars but with spaceships. I'm tired, dejected, desolate, annoyed, depressed about my height. I am 23 years old. By 8 years 1/2 (by the age of 15) I am being treated by psychologists and psychiatrists (and I take psychotropic drugs by the age of 18), because I can't resign myself to be so short. And that because the common opinion is that the physical stature is very important: it determines the sex life (the vast majority of women are attracted to tall men), work (tall men have a higher salary), athletic performance, and then including university (in the U.S. the sport merits are important to get a scholarship to go to college and for improve academic career).
    I apologize for my imperfect english: I'm italian.

    1. I changed my post on Quercetin and posted it up because I discovered new effects and learned how valuable it could be.

      I'm doing tons of reference posts but posting them deep in the blog because they won't help people grow taller but would be useful for searchers or via the google custom search on the site.

      Once we have scientific proof of concept with LSJL we can work on those other bones.

      And Jeffrey Baron is referring to stem cells recreating new growth plates in petri dishes.

      Use your anger to make contributions to height increase rather than to complain.

    2. i listened to your podcast on naturalheightgrowth blogsite and you mentioned transplants and the government being a reason why its diffucult to do those, if we could find a way reasonable wayto obtain and translant, then do you think it could cause growth?

      i am just saying this, because the above seem like the most full proof method

    3. I appreciate your work Tyler and i understand your desire to find a scientifically proof for LSJL, but that proof won't change many things i mean it wont make this method more or less effective. People already grew from this method and some didn't. there always will be people who will discredit this method if didn't work for them. I mean maybe we should start focus on other bones too from now like spine, this will be more helpful for our height increase pursuit. We should waist no time.

  18. can you look at eph receptors and height?

    1. I couldn't find a lot of information so I put buried it in the blog on November 30th 2009.