Friday, November 9, 2012

Grow Taller with Heparin & Perlecan Sulfate?

Heparin sulfate is available for sale: Monoject Heparin PreFill I.V. Flush Syringes.  I couldn't find an oral supplement.  Just gels and needles (see above). Here's the gel supplement: Heparin Oinment 25 g.

I'm not sure if you can inject the syringe directly into the epiphyseal bone marrow(the target is likely the knee cartilage) or if the ointment can result in heparin transport to the bone marrow but heparin is an intriguing possibility that may be growth promoting.  And it's not clear whether the heparin is sulfated.

There are a number of questions regarding the possible use but I think their potential availability and there chondro-promoting affects makes them worthwhile for presentation if anyone has more information.

Chondrogenesis on sulfonate-coated hydrogels is regulated by their mechanical properties.

"sulfur-containing acidic groups induce chondrogenesis in vitro and in vivo. Mechanical properties of cell substrates largely influence cell differentiation. Mechanical properties of sulfonate-coated hydrogels [influence] chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Sulfonate-coated polyacrylamide gels (S-PAAm gels) which have the elastic modulus, E, of about 1, 15 and 150kPa, were used in this study. MSCs cultured on the high stiffness S-PAAm gels (E=∼150kPa) spread out with strong expression of stress fibers, while MSCs cultured on the low stiffness S-PAAm gels (E=∼1kPa) had round shapes with less stress fibers but more cortical actins. Even in the absence of differentiation supplements, the lower stiffness S-PAAm gels led to the higher mRNA levels of chondrogenic markers such as Col2a1, Agc and Sox9 and the lower mRNA levels of an undifferentiation marker Sca1, indicating that the mechanical properties of S-PAAm gels strongly influence chondrogenesis{decrease bone stiffness to grow taller?}. Blebbistatin which blocks myosin II-mediated mechanical sensing suppressed chondrogenesis induced by the low stiffness S-PAAm gels. soft S-PAAm gels effectively drive MSC chondrogenesis even in the absence of soluble differentiation factors and thus suggests that sulfonate-containing hydrogels with low stiffness could be a powerful tool for cartilage regeneration."

"sulfated proteoglycans interact with several growth factors"

"heparan sulfate stimulated cells of a murine fibroblast line C3H10T1/2 to differentiate into chondrocytes in vitro"

"the sulfate-bearing domain of perlecan was responsible for the in vitro aggregation and chondrogenic activation of cultured C3H10T1/2 cells"  Here's a product that contains "perlecan activators": Sirtuin Phytohormone Replenishing Cream 50ml/1.7oz.  Again it's a gel.  Sulfation level of perlecan is unclear and whether any perlecan arrives in the bone marrow is unclear as well.

" the addition of heparan sulfate, heparin, or dermatan sulfate increased the formation of chondrogenic cell aggregates along with increasing sulfate incorporation"

"hydrogels composed of sulfonic acid polymers promotes prechondrogenic cell line ATDC5 into chondrocyte in vitro and induces cartilage regeneration in vivo"

"sulfonate-coated hydrogels with low stiffness effectively direct MSC chondrogenesis even in the absence of differentiation supplements."

"MSCs cultured on the low stiffness gels formed the tightly-packed aggregation, whereas MSCs on the high stiffness gels were spread out and then proliferated rapidly to become confluent within 1 week"<-maybe we can lower the stiffness of bone in some way?

"the cellular shapes and cytoskeletal structures in MSCs depended strongly on the gel stiffness"

"disorganization of cytoskeletal architectures promoted chondrogenesis"<-LSJL alters genes involved in actin cytoskeleton organization.

"The structural changes of cytoskeletal architecture can affect nuclear signaling by distorting the nucleus, focal adhesion signaling by mechanically inducing changes in focal adhesion, and receptor-mediated signaling by changing the spatial distribution of signaling intermediaries relative to the plasma membrane"


  1. heparin can also prolong the effect of igf-1

    Feb 19, 2008 – In this study, we designed and purified a novel protein, heparin-binding IGF-1 (Xp -HB-IGF-1), which is a fusion protein of native IGF-1 with the ...

    an arginine-short PEG polymer conjugate to neutralize the heparin. I'm not sure how necessary the PEG part would be for this, perhaps it helps keep the droplet more stable over time letting it last even longer. I don't know what the time difference would be... But I think it is worth a shot if someone really wants to try making an IGF-1 injection that would last upwards of a few days to weeks.

  2. also can Prednisolone be benefit for height?
    Blockage of Vit D3-mediated induction of osteocalcin gene in osteoblasts
    Modification of collegenase gene transcription

  3. anyone know what happened to and heighcatalyst forums? both are unaccesible? is there an active height forum?

  4. also for future suggestions can you investigaet histamine 4 receptor its located ggein bone marroe (i know i keep sending you suggestions eeeek sorry.. Dont mean to be a distraction. stay Organized with your work! keep up the progress/.