Saturday, September 4, 2010

Is Adult Height Increase a scam?

There's a website called Adult Height Increase that features two pills for growing taller: a red and a blue.  Ingredients for the substances are not provided but their composition is alluded to on this height increasing product page:
"To give you an idea of homeopathic power, iron supplements which you use can do just one thing; cure iron-deficiency anemia, that’s it. But homeopathic iron can cure over a hundred of conditions ranging from anxiety, vertigo, headache, red eyes, ringing in the ears, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, impotence, constipation, hoarse voice, palpitations, cramps, dirty skin to anemia of course! So the power of the base substance is enlarged unlimited times to create unprecedented cures. Based on this analogy I thought why not develop a homeopathic height growth formula or a single remedy like Baryta carb (remedy used for dwarfishness in homeopathy) can do the job in high potencies. I tried single remedy Baryta carb but it failed to grow, initial disappointment. Then tried all single remedies like Thuja, Silicea, Symphytum, Calcarea phos, Ruta, etc; these are normally used to grow child by homeopaths if they have the symptoms mentioned in the remedy to fix the problem the child may be having. However these can never grow adult with fused bones. Then I came across Dr. Reckeweg’s combination remedies which used anywhere from 4 to 20 remedies all mixed together to fix a particular condition. So switched to this advanced homeopathic method....

After failing to grow for many years in my personal trials, I realized the only way to grow adult bones is to recreate the growing state of the bones when they can grow again and the only time when they can be like this is if we find out how to bring the skeleton into the state of being hyaline cartilage. So I made a formula which stimulated type II collagen via stimulation of specific enzymes to encourage the hyaline cartilage to be activated again using very powerful remedies handpicked from the ocean of the homeopathic materia medica which lists thousands of remedies, each with action on hundreds of different conditions. Another idea that stuck in my mind was that bones are being constantly created and dissolved back and there has to be an in-between state just before totally dissolving where all that remains of a bone cell is a cartilage mesh, what if we stimulate it to grow, we can end up with a larger final bone. So powerful type II collagen stimulation can help here too. Finally after many trials over 10 years, I was able to fine tune the formulas and came up with a working product that can grow adult fused bones.  We will learn more with the upcoming photo trial where two users will take their before x-rays, photos, videos, and ID proof with age proof, and compare with the after set.  I am now sharing these products with you and optimizing them with the help of Joey and cooperative feedback from users."

Here's a list of Dr. Reckeweg's formulas. Relevant formulas would be R34 Calcossin, R46 Arthiritis Formula, and R73 Spondarthin.  Some of the ingredients for the red and blue pills may be the same as found in those.  Adult Height Increase attempts to use homeopathic medicine to stimulate cartilage growth.  If we look at the growth plate histology, we can see a whole bunch of stem cells just sitting around in the bone marrow.  The goal of an LSJL routine is to increase interstitial fluid flow so that these stem cells head to the hyaline cartilage where they then proceed to undergo endochondral ossification.  The hyaline cartilage growth plate line does not fuse as shown by the second picture down here.  You can see all the other cells ossifying except for the hyaline cartilage growth plate line.

Is there a homeopathic treatment that drives stem cells to this hyaline cartilage growth plate line?  On the forums, people claim results.  Those results can be due to a number of things unless there are pictures validating it(maybe some people had a growth hormone deficiency and weren't growing due to a lack of it; once they took the formula they started growing again).  It's unlikely that any maven made up a formula by chance.  Scientists just have a lot more resources than average folk as they can see how drugs interact under the microscope.  The best a maven can do is look at the scientific research studies and see if any inferences can be made that could lead to height growth.  It's hard for mavens, like Joey of Adult Height Increase, to find a new drug that could possibly increase height because they can't test drug interactions in the laboratory.  The best they could do is take random stuff and say "Hey, I grew taller!"

It's more likely for a maven to find a physical method of growing taller like LSJL which is based on some studies or Sky's limbcenter which could work based on gap fracture theory because scientists are slower to test physical method theories.  It's still possible that the red and blue pill works if the folk behind AHI found a height increase pill by chance.  They promise before and after x-ray's in two months.  I hope they found something.


  1. Also just so you know its not a pill, its drops that are absorbed into the blood under the tongue directly like chewing tobacco

  2. Im sorry, but were you going to tell us what your formula is?