Friday, September 3, 2010

Some evidence of LSJL

I recently received this letter from someone about their success with LSJL: " I've started using a 10 inch clamp on my right leg almost 3 weeks ago and definite growth, I estimate 3mm using my specific measuring technique. I stopped with the left leg & dumbbell, think loading was not enough & bone adapted, so had no gains beyond 2mm. I'll get really excited once I reach 5mm on my right leg. As I previously said this is not measurement error.I've been extremely tired in the mornings, not sure if the growth is tiring me since it drains all your minerals. Can this be? I work from my cell, so can't seem to post on your blog."

CH Turner, one of the scientists behind LSJL, speculated that bone is stimulated by interstitial fluid flow. Unfortunately, CH Turner passed away so we won't be able to get his opinion on how chondrocytes and stem cells are stimulated versus osteoblasts. Also, we can't ask if there's a change in mechanosensativity of stem cells over time which would explain reduced results over time. We can increase the load however. I've noticed more results when I went from using a 70lbs dumbell to a 75lbs dumbell. I'll have to see if there's any studies about decreased mechanosensativity to loads over time. This shouldn't be a problem thanks to the table clamp which can generate almost infinite pressure. The goal being to get stem cells to the hyaline cartilage growth plate line which they will proceed to undergo endochondral ossification. If you look at the second picture in the analysis of epiphyseal distraction you'll see that the blue hyaline cartilage growth plate line remains post ossification. LSJL doesn't upregulate SOX9 expression but it does upregulate TGF Beta expression which is very important in endochondral ossification. CH Turner also mentioned in the study that impact exercises can drive interstitial fluid flow. According to our theory, these exercises should increase bone size by both the periosteum and the growth plates in relevant bones. The exercises that should generate enough impact are as follows:

Punching bag(hands)
The next exercises should affect all bones a little bit:
Farmer's walk/Shield Carry/Refrigerator Carry from Strongman

Now, these exercises can't generate nearly as much pressure as a table clamp can but if CH Turner's theory is correct then boxers should have bigger hands and sprinters should have larger feet(I think sprinting is better for generating impact on the feet than kickboxing bag). Unfortunately, we only have anecdotal evidence for either of these two things(pitchers having longer arms). If you have any specific instances please post in comments. The reason why boxers don't get bigger hands indefinitely is due to adaptation and reduced long-term sensitivity to load. Eventually, there's a point where a boxer has to work a lot harder to punch that bag harder. However, the table clamp makes it really easy to generate more fluid flow in the bone...

Those legs are from someone who's been performing LSJL mostly on the right leg. This is the same guy who got a bigger ankle with LSJL. You can see a definite increase in thickness in the right leg, if you got that same thickness in the spine you'd get height gain. His left leg is 1 cm longer than his right. He reported no length increase. Maybe you have to reach a certain threshold to get enough stem cells to that hyaline cartilage...