Saturday, September 25, 2010

Slimechanse grew 1/4" with LSJL

Slimechanse has reported that he's gained 1/4" with LSJL.  LSJL upregulates genes involved in the TGF-Beta, PI3K, ECM, and Wnt pathways.  Wnt is involved in mechanotransduction.  ECM is involved in the production of new extracellular matrix which could explain the large amounts of white in rats post LSJL in the growth platePI3K increases cellular proliferation.  TGF-Beta regulates cellular proliferation and p15 is a part of the TGF-Beta which stops cellular proliferation but overall TGF-Beta is anabolic and it helps cause the differentiation of stem cells into chondrocytes.

Slimechanse has been performing LSJL for a few months and has submitted his ankle picture.
The date on the picture is wrong.  This ankle picture was taken recently. Here's a child's ankle picture:
The right ankle is normal so look at that whereas the right ankle is bruised.  Here's a pic of a normal adult ankle:
In the normal adult ankle, you can see a very hard bone.  No cartilage is on the lateral portion of the ankle.  In the child's bone you can see a softer looking ankle.  In Slime's bone you can see cartilage on the side of the ankle.  There is not supposed to be cartilage on the lateral side of the ankle meaning that LSJL by upregulating TGF-Beta expression caused the differentiation of stem cells into chondrocytes in new areas.  And Slime is 35 years old.

The exact mechanism of LSJL is unclear but it does seem to be successful at achieving growth of new chondrocytes.


  1. interesting...when did slimechanse start his LSJL routine?

  2. it's "slimchanse". :) Thanks for posting. I've been doing it for about 3 months, with only a few consistent weeks. I'll update on any further growth.

  3. TCD, any thoughts on how to ensure or at least optimize where the new cartilage builds? Does this bring up the question of loading directly on the epiphysis or below it a bit to induce growth and cartilage build under the epiphysis, resulting in longitudinal growth?

  4. LSJL shouldnt be performed on long bones.

    try finding a way to load the spine or articular cartilage joints..

  5. Well Slim you grey by 1/4 of an inch. You need to load the epiphysis because it's special versus the diaphysis. Just keep loading the epiphysis and see if you gain any more height.

  6. have you gotten any taller Tyler or is 1/4 inch is a max so far?

  7. Hi Slimchanse,
    Is there any further growth?