Monday, February 1, 2010

About Me

Taking a page from pro wrestling, today I'm going to focus less on the science of growing taller and more about my individual drama of attempting to "grow taller."

I was going to UCSD and majoring in economics.  There's nothing to do at UCSD in between classes so I went to their gym and did random exercises as often as possible to try to do anything to "get buff."  Eventually I started to do some research on the internet and saw the current bodybuilding mantra of only doing a body part once a week.  I did a HIT routine(High Intensity Training).  Doing a body part only once a week left my unsatisfied bodybuilding wise.  So I researched on the internet to try to find a routine that would allow me to train more often, this routine was HST(Hypertrophy Specific Training).  What was interesting about the routine is that it mentioned that the lighter weight higher rep sets were good for building tendon and ligament strength.

There was more to the body than muscle I realized.  My thirst for physical improvements was not quenched for HST and I started watching pro wrestling, World's Strongest Man, and Olympic Lifting.  I heard color commentators call 5'10" males small and make 5'9" females seem like the norm.  It seemed that one inch of height was worth a lot more than any amount of muscle.  Other determinants of skeletal size were largely ignored including wingspan, foot length, etc.  It was all about what your X'XX" was.  On bodybuilding forums, your height is always listed first followed by your weight.

I started going to a chirapractor and asked him about how bone works.  He mentioned something about bone remodeling(which is quite often confused with bone modeling) which states that the bone tissue is renewed over time.  He would crack my back and I would be 1/2 an inch taller(I vary between 5'7 1/2" and 5'8 1/2") but that wasn't good enough.

At this point I graduated from UCSD and got a job working in a research lab as a favor to one of my parents.  The job was close to 24 hour fitness so I went to that gym.  The job had a lot of spare time so I researched bone growth.  I found and read about microfractures and the different ways of how to cause them.  So I started to experiment and created my own routine which I performed at 24 hour fitness. had a lot of good ideas but it was missing something, it was virtually nixing out heavy weights.  If you're going to cause impact why not cause IMPACT?

So I performed my routine at 24 hour fitness(revolving around what management would and would not let me perform) but I wanted more information about bone.  So, I started to get an Exercise Physiology degree at Mesa College.  In the Human Anatomy and Human Physiology courses that I took there was hardly even a page about how bone grows.  And the fact that growth plates close after puberty in no way prevents height increase from other means.  In the professional field I was hearing the same things I read on internet sites including stuff like "Arnold Swarzennager is actually not that tall" so I dropped out of the program.

Eventually, I wanted to use heavier weights than 24 hour fitness could provide so I began working out at World's Gym and that's where I am today.  All in all, my height increase journey has been 6 years(so far).  I'm writing this blog to try to find information about height increase that I haven't heard before.  I tried reading articles on pubmed but it was hard to find any that were relevant.  The information about bone in school is sparse and you have to wade through a lot of other irrelevant information.  So, I decided to write a blog to try to meet up with similar height increase enthusiasts and I decided to monetize it as well because frankly I would much rather make money doing something I love(questing for height) than anything else.


  1. Hello!
    I opened the following thread in many height increase forums, but i didn't get any answer..
    Maybe you are interested in this. I want your opinion...:


    We all know the shinbone routine and the theory behind microfractures..
    I thought of a technique/routine like this
    (I am not referring only to the lengthening of the shinbone,but the lengthening of every long bone):

    1) Creation of microfractures
    The best way to cause microfractures in the bone would be by applying some waves (sound,electric waves or magnetic waves) with frequency near to the resonance frequency of the bone,as a material..
    If we knew the resonance frequency of the bone we could use,for example, an ultrasound machine with a frequency near to that and we would have very powerful vibrations...

    2) The applying of force on the bone, for remodelling,(see wolff's law).
    That would be by a handmade bone stretching machine..

    3) Fast healing of the bone and creation of new bone cells..
    You could do this by increasing your HGH,by taking some important ingredients,by taking some stem-cell-therapy supplement (like MF3) and finally by the use of some devices that they have been shown to accelerate the healing of the bone.
    These are:
    the LIPUS device
    and some PEMF device
    also you could use a Low Intensity Laser device...

    Also the blood flow it is very important for that...

    Some supplements you could use:
    For HGH:
    Humanofort (growth factors)

    (also homeopathic HGH supplements
    or even hypnosis or reflexology, for HGH)

    For the healing of the bones:
    mycrocrystalline hydroxyapatite
    calcium,magnecium and multivitamin

    Now the most important thing is to find how you must do all of these. The duration and the time of the use of every machine.
    I think the best could be like this:

    1)Before bedtime you take your supplements..
    You lay down and you wear the BONE STRETCHING DEVICE and at the same time you apply the near to-resonance frequency with the VIBRATION MACHINE(maybe an ultrasound machine)
    and you sleep 8-10 hours.

    That could be difficult but what I thought about the shinbone routine was that if the microfractures heal in 5-20 minutes,why you should stretch your legs all night long?you should grow as much as you could in the first 30 minutes...

    2)When you wake up you stop the operation of the vibration machine and for 1-2 hours you use THE LIPUS DEVICE and THE PEMF DEVICE. First, with the stretching machine and then without it...

    3)During the day you focus on the healing of the bone, by relaxing,eating well,taking your supplements and using the healing devices..
    You can do exercise and muscle stretching,too.

    Also I heard about a dental technique in which the remodelling of the teeth takes half of the time by applying electricity on them....

    Tell me what you think about my thoughts..
    I am going to try this on myself,very carefully at the beginning.
    The last things I have to do are finding the resonance frequency of the bones and vibrating carefully my bones and making the stretching machine,something I have already on my mind.

  2. You can create microfractures via exercise. Why not use exercise instead of a very expensive machine?

    Putting a load on the ends of the bone and pressing down(aka something like lateral synovial joint loading) is a homemade stretching method.

    You have access to all this expensive equipment to try on yourself? Wow.

    Even if I don't agree with the methods(not saying they're not effective just not cost effective) it would still be quite amazing if you got height from this! How do you have access to all this equipment?

    I'll do some research on the healing of microfractures to try get more info on whether they do heal within 5-30 minutes.

  3. All of these equipment are not expensive at all!!
    You can buy an ultrasound machine from ebay for 50 dollars!
    Believe me I don't have a problem with exercise..Actually I am a competitive 400m runner...
    But by using resonance frequencies to vibrate a material, you have the maximum possible vibration...
    Remember all of those singers who break glasses with their voices..Think that the glass breaks!
    Imagine now how many microfractures you could cause in your bone, doing this...
    The other reason is that microfractures heal superfast!
    Search this please, on google

  4. Also the stretching machine you have to use, must apply force at the 2 ends of your bone, to stretch the bone.. I don't think sleeping with angle weights is so effective, because you actually stretch the cartilage under the knee,more...