Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hand/Feet size progress

Left Foot 2006



Left Foot 2010


Left Hand 2006


Left Hand 2010

I took the pictures in 2006 without a direct intent to compare them to the future.  These are the best I have but they are not quite optimal to compare.  In addition, hands and feet are made up of irregular bones so they are harder to grow than long bones(however, they are much easier to self measure).  Even though the comparison is not optimal(I will attempt to make things more of a valid comparison in the future) and their is not a large enough change to be accurately measured, I see my hands and feet as being bigger as they were before.  Just an overall increase in bone size which is consistent with my microfracture theory(you can't control how the microfractures will increase the size of your bones and size can be increased by length/width/height).  

I will post updated pics of my hands and feet every year and in my next blog entry I will post a picture of a long bone.

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