Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Legitimizing Height Gain after Puberty

One day I want to be able to go into a tour of a gym and be asked if my goal is to lower body fat, increase muscle mass, increase athletic performance, benefit health, or to gain height.  Right now height increase is a little blip on the map.  Their are occasional mainstream stories about how big Shaq's feet are or about limb lengthening surgery but most of the height increase research is done by a small but dedicated online community.

This height increase community is even separated from the weightlifting community as most height increase sites do not advocate very heavy weights to increase height(I do).  A lot of height increase information is scattered about like needles in a haystack.  There will be an anecdotal story of how Kevin Costner used to be 5'4" and shot up to 6'1" or some other various anecdotes about how their brother broke a bone during football and now that bone is longer than it should be.  A search on microfractures, bone modeling, or height gain on pubmed will lead to a lot of irrelevant information.  One of my goals with this blog is to find those needles of information and share them with you.  Some seemingly irrelevant article could have valuable height increase implications.

Getting legitimacy for the pursuit of gaining height is essential.  One, so the information about height gain is well organized throughout the internet(like weightlifting pursuits).  Two, so we have more tools to gain height(so machines at gyms are designed for optimal height growth and we can have researchers do some studies on height gain).  And three, to get rid of the negative stigma associated with trying to increase your height.

How do we go about getting legitimacy for height gain? and are the most legit height increase sites I've seen(even though I don't agree with some of their methods).  We need to build our height increase community and at least force doctors and scientists to attempt to refute our theories rather than just ignore them.

On the one hand, their was still gravity before it was proved to exist.  On their other hand, it was nice to define it so we could begin to understand and control it.

We know fractures can be used to gain height.  We know that microfractures are identical to fractures but on a smaller scale.  Therefore, microfractures can be used to gain height.  We just need to let the world know that :)


  1. Great comment man! keep it up. It would be a lot better if we could try to identify the exact methos of heigh gaining that do work! It would be a great deal!

    than again for this article... I'm 30 years old , 5'10'' in the morning and still hoping.

  2. Indeed science needs to come out to prove to the universe that height increase after puberty is possible. I used to stand at 5'4" at 26yrs my self and now approaching 30 and close to 5'11". My shin bones grew permanently with exercising but the torso is dodgy at times falling back and forth an inch or two but either way fine with me. Grt article.