Friday, February 5, 2010

Empirical evidence of the possibility of height increase

I apologize for the low quality of the picture but you should be able to see a bump on one of my left fingers.  I broke a bone there.  I was jumping up and down the stairs and I tripped and landed straight on the finger breaking it.  The finger turned black and blue(hematomma).  It took about six weeks to heal.  The finger is just as strong as it was before.  If I had also broken a bone on the right side of the finger then my finger would be perfectly straight but longer and bigger.

Now I'm not advocating going around causing macrofractures but this establishes that it is possible to get height increase by breaking bones.  Our goal is microfractures.  Now you don't necessarily have to have a hematomma as a result of a microfracture(if no blood vessels were injured) so there's no way to tell for sure whether you have microfractures other than a very expensive x-ray.

But it took my entire body weight falling on my finger to cause a fracture in it.  That gives you an indication of how much impact a bone can handle if it takes so much to cause a break in a weak bone.  So in all likelihood we have to use very heavy weights.

Microstrain is measured in microunits.  If anyone is a doctor and can find out the minimum amount of impact, strain, twisting, or compression to cause a microfracture that would be great :)

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