Monday, April 26, 2010

Acupuncture to Grow Taller

Previously I've dismissed acupuncture as only a way to get postural height increase.  However, their are more complex forms of acupuncture.  I've recently been made aware of something called aqua acupuncture where microscopic quantities of sterile water are injected just below the skin on specific points on the ear and body(knee, top of head, neck).  The procedure is based on a book by Anton Jayasuriya called Clinical Acupuncture.

Acupuncture causes your muscles to relax so there is a confounding variable for the height increase.  Is the height increase due to an improvement in alignment or is it due to something else?  But the thing is that acupuncture is associated with Kimi/Yoko height increase which is a known scam.

Here's an interesting quote I found related to Aquapressure: "Right after one treatment, (40mins after) you can see the difference, averagely people can increase 1-1.5cm (it is not permanent for the first time, just prove people can grow)"  The height gain not being permanent indicates that it's a postural improvement.

It is theoretically possible to manipulate the endocrine system to make you taller if you increase the levels of IGF-1 which results in the proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells.  Maybe there's a way to push a button in your ear and neck(prick your ear and neck with a needle) to reprogram someone's endocrine system.  Maybe there's a way to do it with reflexology as well.

The thing is there needs to be studies.  Acupuncturists and Refloxologists don't have to show an increase in height, they just have to show a long term increase in IGF-1 level's following treatment.  Their have been a couple of studies that associate acupuncture with an increase in IGF-1 but only in conjunction with exercise and only in the presence of a pre-existing condition.  The increase in IGF-1 has to be completely systemic as well.  The increase can't be localized to certain muscles as you want the IGF-1 to either alter the bodies homeostatic mechanisms(like an enlarged anterior pituitary gland) or increase the amount of mesenchymal stem cells in the growth plate.

Here's a  traditional Chinese medicine school that explains the possible benefits of acupuncture.  The blood theory seems the most promising in terms of height increase.  If you increase blood flow to the top of the skull then you will be taller(only temporary height though).  Also, if you increase blood flow to the intervertebral discs then it will be easier for those intervertebral discs to repair thus increasing height in that way.  A nerve theory is also listed but that would only have a benefit if you changed the nervous system to say inhibit myostatin or produce more IGF-1.

So, reflexologists and acupuncturalists, I have a challenge for you.  Prove that the various forms of Chinese Traditional Medicine increase the level of Insulin like Growth Factor One at a systemic level or at least in a location that could possibly increase height.


  1. kindly see four demonstration videos in healersupreme channel of youtube to get the points and exact procedure of height increase method of Prof Dr Anton Jayasuriya.
    performed by Dr. Prakash Verekar of Nasik India.
    the height incease with this method is from half centimeters to 45 centimeters.
    age range from 7 years to 72 years.

  2. hmm,so what do you say about the reply here?
    (by prof dr prakash verekar)

  3. sir,pls help me my age is 23 can i incease my height using accupuncture treatment nw iam 165cm height i want more than 170 cm

  4. can accupuncture help DECREASE the production of IGF1?