Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Growing Taller with Hypnosis?

What's the power of positive thinking?  Very little.  Visualization is effective when you visualize the process not the result. You don't visualize winning in a sport, you visualize practicing the sport.  You don't visualize winning the race, the visualize going through the movements of the race.  Without the process, you can't get to the result.

If you're in a hypnotic state and a hypnotherapist suggests to you "grow taller, grow taller, grow taller."  Your body isn't going to know what to do.  Your endocrine system and your growth plates don't know what the words grow and taller mean.  Your body knows the language of chemicals and stimulus, not the artificial language of men.

Hypnosis could be effective if a hypnotherapist could put in a hypnotic suggestion to inhibit myostatin or block myostatin receptors, enhance the proliferation and differentiation of the cartilage cells in the growth plate, manipulate your natruiretic peptide signaling pathway, stimulate your endocrine system to produce more IGF-1, or induce your periosteum to increase in size.

But someone who was able to do that wouldn't be a hypnotherapist, they would be telekinetic.  The brain is a powerful thing, however we don't have control over most of it.  If we did we could change our fat storage distribution patterns or control our muscular development.  The actions of our brains however are predictable.  We control our brains by providing it with the stimulus that we want to use to achieve the desired result.

The body adapts specifically to a stimulus.  Does it adapt optimally to the stimulus?  No.  Does playing basketball make you taller?  No.  Does being a boxer increase your arm length?  No.  But basketball and boxing induce predictable adaptations in our body.  To manipulate our brains we need to pick a specific stimulus that gives us the desired adaptation(increase our height), hypnosis is not that stimulus.



    what do you think about this?

  2. Looks like another amino acid supplement. I mean amino acids make you grow taller but they are also easily available in regular foods.

  3. But could it be that these have them in much higher concentrations?

  4. Looks like an Interesting article but I'm not sure this really makes sense...
    I'm trying a hypnosis audio presently and awaiting results, since my growth plates are fused I don't find any other way or claim that can grow me any more. So i decided to practice doing this and lets see what follows. But sorry
    I do not agree on stimulus crap.