Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LimbCenter.Org Review

I've been covering the latest easy height info back in this past and updating at as Sky develops his clinic.  Since Sky moved his new website to limbcenter.org I thought I'd make a new post.  Here's Sky's impressions questionnaire, I thought I'd answer:

1. Do you have a false impression that growing taller is quick and easy?
I didn't until you posted a website called easy height dot com.  LSJL looks promising and might be the easiest method yet but is still untested.

2. Do you have a false impression that taking growth hormone pills can magically reshape your bones?
This is Googles fault for allowing faulty advertisements in their adwords for search results.  But, anyways this comes from bodybuilding mostly which has always tried to exploit growth hormone.  The problem is that most of these supplements don't contain growth hormone but rather amino acids that are supposed to help release growth hormone. 

3. Do you have a false impression that somewhere in the world an ancient herbal medicine exists to help you grow taller? 
Alfalfa was your idea Sky.  Is this survey for you?  But it still might be possible for a herbal medicine to exist and it might be possible for America to try to cover it up.  However, other nations would have results about it.

4. Do you have a false impression that scientists have discovered the secret fountain of youth in anti-aging pills that could mysteriously unfuse your growth plates?
Well, I believe that the growth plates are not technically fused as their is still a growth plate line.  If this growth plate line were distracted and mesenchymal stem cells were inserted then growth plate function could be restored.

5. Do you have a false impression that 21st century medicine is so far advanced technologically and scientifically and is able to produce a “growth” pill for mankind?
Hardly, I know how long science takes.  I know that there's not enough money to study everything that needs to be studied and there's a huge bias against height increase.

6. Do you have a false impression that Yoga and stretching exercises result in permanent growth?
I don't think even Grow Taller 4 Idiots ever said that.  They always said it was temporary disc height.

7. Do you have a false impression that inversion exercises and back stretching machines give you permanent growth?
I don't think anybody ever said that with inversion exercises.  I've never heard of a back stretching machine to determine if it was effective.

8. Do you have a false impression that the force of spinal decompression will triumph over the force of gravity?
You can certainly minimize the effects of gravity.  Better posture when sitting.  Strong back muscles help maintain proper posture when standing.

9. Do you have a false impression that swimming and bar hanging are effective for height increase in adults?
Swimming can increase in periosteal width so technically it is "effective."  Bar hanging is good for spinal decompression.

10. Do you have a false impression that kicking or jumping with 15 pounds (6.8 kg) of ankle weights (each leg) can trigger a vertical bone transformation?
You gave us that idea Sky.

11. Do you have a false impression that electrical bone growth stimulators can safely and proportionately influence vertical bone growth (but not horizontal)?
Never heard of an electrical bone growth stimulator.  There's pizeoelectric current but that occurs in response to any load.

12. Do you have a false impression that sitting or sleeping with 35 pounds (16 kg) of ankle weights (each leg) is sufficient for bone remodeling?
Grr....it's bone modeling.  Bone remodeling is regular maintenance of bone.  And sitting and sleeping with ankle weights is another one of Sky's ideas.

13. Do you have a false impression that inverting with 30 pounds (13.6 kg) of dumbbells (each hand) is enough to overcome the earth’s gravitational pull?
Well the discs decompress as a result of fluid loss.  Can't prevent that but you can slow it down.  Inversion helps get nutrients like chondroitin and glucosamine get to the discs, it's not an overnight thing.

14. Do you have a false impression that inverting with 100 pounds (45.4 kg) of weight vest is enough to influence the thickening of the lumbar fibrocartilage discs?
We can't know for sure as the thickening would be pretty small. 

Wolf's Law is retro Sky, we have to go far beyond that.  Bone's lengthening at the point of maximum strain is more microstrain(Utah paradigm) theory.


  1. I have been contact Sky a few times and it seems that he was carefully kept secret of his new technique. We must wait for a few days and see what is inside Shin Version 2011 because his questions makes an impression that all of the previous techniques was wrong.

  2. Hello, what is SKY ? is is a clinic you can go for height increase treatment ?