Thursday, April 15, 2010

Growing Taller by increasing the length of your ligaments?

Tendons connect muscle to bone whereas ligaments connect bone to bone.  The longer your ligaments are the greater your bones can be separated and the more height you will have.  Marfan's Syndrome(The Vincent Schiavelli disorder) is a connective tissue disorder that results in longer connective tissues.  People with marfan's syndrome have also been characterized as having long thin fingers but I don't know how that's possible because finger length is predominantly determined by bone size.  In order to increase the distance between two points you may also need to increase the length of your ligaments in addition to the amount of cartilage between the two joints.

Ligaments are elastic and can lengthen in response to stress.  However, people who are double jointed have extra elastic ligaments do not tend to have especially long ligaments.  A more flexible ligament may not be a particularly long ligament, it may just have more and stronger fibrous tissue allowing it to stretch more.

Therefore, to increase height, the key connective tissue to increase is articular cartilage(and maybe even adipose tissue) rather than ligament length.

LSJL upregulates several tendon markers although tendons do have the ability to differentiate into chondrocytes.

Tendons: the connection between muscle and bone.

"large, hydrophilic proteoglycans are rapidly synthesized and degraded in tendon"

"the presence of glycosaminoycans and their catabolic products (which are retained for some time through interactions with other components in the tendon matrix) may underlie the acute swelling experienced by tendons following a bout of mechanical loading"

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