Friday, April 2, 2010

Review of Shinbone Routine 2010

Sky of has been making a lot of promises lately: the first ever height increase clinic and shinbone routine 2010/2011  Here's the latest from

"What to anticipate from our improved bone stretching techniques? Expect to see a mix of success stories and conflicting theories and techniques. For example, one routine may NOT involve cycling at all. Whereas another may include cycling to intensely stretch limbs with iron plates attached to nylon ropes (NO ankle weights required, NO jogging or microfractures required)... On the other hand, another routine may include jogging w/ wts (microfractures needed), ankle wts, iron plates, etc... Our small clinic/office is ready to debut in less than 2 weeks. It will be a free trial offer and you may cancel at anytime. Should you find our new website to be false, misleading, or deceptive, your credit card will never be charged and your subscription will be discontinued. We are not medical doctors and thus cannot make guaranteed claims. We do not hype or exaggerate any claims.. Understand that our research is a work in progress and our techniques will continue to modify in an effort to increase the success rate and to grow at a quicker rate."

If intense stretching with iron weights does work without microfractures than lateral synovial joint loading should work too.  LSJL is just a bigger better deal than stretching with say iron plates or ankle weight.

LSJL applies weight to the ends of the long bones so you generate more torque on the bone then if you say try to stretch it from the middle.  It also directly targets the bones whereas if you say you try to stretch your arms out by hanging from a chin-up bar you're stretching your tendons and ligaments as well(you'll always use your muscles unless someone else is applying the weight as you have to use muscles to apply the load to yourself).  Lateral Synovial Joint Loading is also a lot cheaper than a complicated iron plate lever and pully system.

Again, if stretching with iron plates increases bone plates(it may increase height by other factors mind you) then stretching your bones via lateral synovial joint loading will work too(really it should be called laterally applying load to the ends of your bones that would be more descriptive).

Feel the large bumps at the end of your wrist on both sides.  That large bump is the end of your bone.  Now press down hard on the end of that bump.  You are stretching your radius/ulna depending on which bump in the wrist you are pressing down on.  Can you feel the stretch in your bone?  That is how easy lateral synovial joint loading is to perform(well at least on the wrist bones the other bones are harder to get).

If Sky performed lateral synovial joint loading on other people with his clinic than much more stretching force could be generated on the bone than could be generated by yourself(I will have pictures of how to perform LSJL with dumbells soon by the way).

Even if Sky doesn't have the best height increasing exercises sorted out yet with his clinic if we have "Height Consultants"(what is Sky planning to call his workers) we'll have more tools than we had on our own.

My review of Shinbone Routine 2010 or 2011 or the height increase clinic or whatever is that whatever Sky manages to build for us height seekers will be a huge asset for us to use to try to increase our height.  Hopefully, Sky won't charge too much and we'll get insurance coverage so that we only have to pay 10 dollars per session.

Maybe we'll get more coverage in the news than about limb lengthening surgery or how the long legged Karen's rings don't actually increase neck length and only scrunch shoulders down.

And, we might get Oprah coverage and then we can tell Doctor Oz to suck it because we proved that height increase was possible :)

Update April 6, 2010:

"A few lucky experimenters from Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and New Jersey will be selected to undergo 3 days of treatment at our clinic. It will be 6 to 7 hours (in divided sessions) of non-surgery bone stretching (moderate discomfort/pain) for 3 days and these experimenters are asked to stay overnight at our clinic immediately after the 6- or 7-hour session. Please NO immature proposals - Seriously interested? Email to: .. Some past loyal Shin Version 2008 experimenters were given free access to Shin Version 2010 & 2011.. For Self-help Option, others may access a free trial offer and after the trial period, $499 will be charged.. or for Professional help Option (100% refundable if no growth), service rate is $3,500 for each centimeter for a short course (3-4 days) or extended-course (4 months) depending on your willingness to endure some leg discomfort.. If you want a PRIVATE short-course treatment (you're the only client in the clinic and no one else present), service rate is more expensive. Also, clients who are 6 feet or taller with big, dense leg bones (eg: track runners, basketball or football players) have to pay a higher service rate since more team efforts are required to prepare layers and layers of iron plates at different angles to ensure accurate, intense, and proportional stretching. The service rate for most female clients remains the same since their shinbones are not as thick or dense as their male counterparts. However, females need to learn to adapt to some moderate-level pain/discomfort, something their male counterparts should have little problems dealing with. Terms and conditions of the treatment are very open and transparent. In short course, if for some unknown reasons that you cannot grow 2 to 3 cm within 3-5 days, you'll receive free unlimited visits within 3 months until you reach the target goal. Rates are quoted in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.. Special discounts for short-course treatment available for persons 18 to 23 yrs of age or individuals who reside in poor countries such as Mali, Ghana, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. Teenagers 16 to 17 years of age may receive the short-course treatment as well; however, written parental consent is required... If you choose not to stay overnight at our small clinic, wheelchairs will be available to escort you to a nearby hotel. Walking or standing is NOT permitted after the stretching session and clients are asked to go to sleep immediately (sleep aids available) for growth hormone release and bone repair during sleep.. Smoking, drinking, masturbating (or any sexual activity) should be minimized or eliminated completely during the treatment. Intake of milk, calcium-rich foods, or high-protein diet is required... We do not claim to treat or diagnose any health-related diseases or conditions such as dwarfism and bowed legs. Our treatment is NOT recommended for individuals with a history of severe limb injuries, limb deformities, severe-stage heart failure/diabetes/kidney failure/gout, arthritic knees, deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, leg swelling and fluid retention. During intense stretching, blood circulation in the legs may be impaired at times and therefore individuals who are currently taking Trental, Plavix, Digoxin, or a high-strength Rx diuretic (Hctz 25-50mg, Lasix 40-80mg, or Aldactone 50-100mg) should seek medical advice before undergoing our treatment... Growth plates at the ends of the long bones are responsible for maximum growth in puberty. Understand clearly that the shinbones do NOT grow from the center outward. In Shin Version 2011, tremendous pressure and pulling will be exerted above the ankles in a downward motion at the same time when an opposite pulling force below the knees acts as counterforces to gravity. As a result, MOST of the lengthening occurs at the end of the bones near the ankles' growth plates (NOT below knees) since there are NO calf muscles present at the ankles. In other words, when there are LESS muscles and tissues surrounding bones, these bones are free to grow and stretch according to functional demands of the mechanical loading. When running or jumping, the influence of the calf muscles on the legs is stability and strength; however, when bone stretching is performed, calf muscles often act as shock absorbers to protect the Achilles tendons which in turn can interfere with bone growth (below the knees)... How to minimize pain intensity? Foam layers and cushion pads are available. Magazines and lap tops (watch movies) at the clinic will serve as distractions that reduce discomfort sensitivity..."

First off $3,500 for 3-4 days is ridiculous.  Sky should be charging around $25 an hour which is what an inexperienced personal trainer usually gets(and this is basically personal training for the bones).  As Sky says they are not medical doctors thus they are in no position to charge should exorbitant rates.   The "money back guarantee" is a joke as well.  It basically states that if it doesn't work you can keep attending the clinic for three months until you get the desired results.  I don't know how Sky is designing the iron plates to achieve proportional growth.

I have no idea why you can't walk or stand after the session.  Tremendous pressure exerted on the ankles that sounds a lot like LSJL(I'm not saying Sky "plagiarized"; I'm saying we independently(and I didn't even come up with LSJL myself as I read about it in research studies and came up with ways to apply it) got to the same conclusion except LSJL is a whole lot cheaper as all you need is a gym membership).

I have a lot of respect for Sky but he's going to the dark side...

Update April 8th:

Sky has four new videos up on his site for his clinic.  I see the machines to stretch for iron plates but he has people cycling with ankle weights and sleeping with ankle weights.  Making mistakes and trying new things is part of the scientific method.  There could be ways to make cycling with ankle weights work but this is supposed to be Shinbone Version 2011 not Shinbone Version 2005.  I mean after all the patella is a short bone and if you instigated the bone modeling process or increased it's periosteal width then you could get it to increase in size(which would increase your height).  Maybe there's a way to cycle with ankle weights that puts shearing forces on the patella to make us all grow a little bit taller(although personally I'd rather focus on the calcaneus which is a huge irregular bone in the foot).

By laterally loading the ends of the bones LSJL puts the load on the distal and proximal epiphysis, there's no way a stretching force with iron plates can beat that as it puts the load on the diaphysis.  Unless stretching with iron plates causes microfractures in the compact bone in the diaphysis(which was a theory presented earlier in this blog until LSJL was found to have a group of researchers behind it).

Anyways, Sky is being selfish.  Us Height Seekers have enough working against us without dealing with internal disputes.


  1. daroyalty_ofloyalty@yahoo.comApril 13, 2010 at 10:26 PM

    Please dont ever discontinue this blog. This is the only height increase related site/blog I have seen thus far that places 100% emphasis on the anatomy and physiology of the subject matter rather than...well..Bullshit. On a side note...look into calcitonin-stimulates osteoblast activity+inhibits osteoclast activity ([salmon calcitonin] Rx only as a nebulizer)as well as iodide (increased iodide-->increased thyroxine levels-->stimulates osteoblast activity and snythesis of bone matrix.) You most likely know about these things and their effects on bone growth in and out but just thought I would mention. Obviously these things by themselves dont do anything but probably added into a routine it would help..

  2. how tall is Sky? and what did he go from to now? i meant did he start out as being 5'6'' and then gained 2'' making him 5'8'' now or something???

  3. yeah! how tall is he?
    and something i would really really really really appreciate on this site is more DIAGRAMS!!!!!!!!! =D =D
    i love diagrams, pictures, etc.
    so much easier when i can just see it.

  4. i know its a lil off topic but you ppl say that bones are piezoelectic material.. so wudnt they be able to grow in size when electric current is apllied to them? Im saying this because may be we could apply a small current to the bones which would make them grow

  5. Sky is the same height he started... He began as 5'6" when he first launched his website in summer 2003 or at least that is when he introduced the idea of "shin bone million dollar" routine. And now of today, he is still 5'6". And the fact that this guy makes six figures and charges people ridiculous price of just one cm. Hmmm... I rather stick with LSJL than Sky's routine.

  6. pictures of evidence would be much appreciated.

  7. oh god. is there anyone who tried this routine and is it effective? please. i need immediate response :) thank you. i will appreciate your kindess