Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Results for Lateral Synovial Joint Loading Height Increase Program

Here's a link to my starter information for LSJL Bone Length | starting data .  I got a distance of 14 1/4 end of knee to end of ankle.

My fibular measurement right now is about 15.  No matter how generous or stingy I was on the end of the ankle or end of the knee I could not get a measurement of 14 1/14 so there is definite progress there.  So I went to measure myself and my height was still about 5'8 1/2".  The problem is that this length is the fibula length which does not change height, it only sort of makes my ankle stick in more to my foot.  I think the fibula grows faster because the lateral(outer ankle) is a lot bigger than the medial(inner ankle) thus there are more mesenchymal stem cells to open the growth plate.  So this time I'm learning my lesson and incorporating the tibia as well the tibial measurement was about 13 1/4(end of knee to end of ankle).

It's far easier to perform LSJL on the wrists/ankles then it is on the elbows/knees because there are fewer bones there.  If you perform LSJL on the lateral(outer) knee you can put the dumbell on as many as three bones(tibia, fibula, and femur).  More weight could be required as well for the tibial bone as it is a lot bigger than the fibula.

In conclusion, results for LSJL!  However, only for the fibula(3/4 of an inch which is pretty insane).  So I've been performing 65lbs on both ankles.  I'll have to try heavier weights to see if that can get the tibia to catch up to fibula.


  1. hmm am i doing it wrong.. i've been putting it arounding my synovial joints and my joints around the knee are getting bruised.. I'm currently using a 35lb dumbell.

  2. hmm is it just me but i've been doing it for 2-3 days with a 35 lb dumbell and Im getting bruises around the synovial joints around the medial and lateral of the knee

  3. Are you putting it on the the epiphysis of your long bones? It sounds like since you're getting bruises around the medial and lateral ligament of the knee that your ligaments might be taking the load instead of the bone. Experiment with how you position your leg to see if you can get more load on the ends of your bones.

    I find putting my foot on top of the other leg helps a lot.

    Also, what kind of dumbell are you using? You need to use a dumbell with a flat end.

  4. hey teyler , help me out with LSJL ...can u post step by step guidenlines for LSJL ..and which bone we had to put weight on ..??

    Thanks a ton ...!!

  5. hey tyler...i m dyin to experiment this but somehow i m getting really confused about the position of tibial epiphysis...i hav seen the pictures but...can u point the area using picasa or photoshop...?