Friday, November 19, 2010

Add inches to your height with Allantoin(or Comfrey)?

Allantoin is one of the components of Comfrey which is of the ingredients of the Adult Height Increase formula.  Comfrey is toxic but Allantoin is not and is a part of many cosmetics.  It increases Extracellular Matrix and Cellular Proliferation.  Can children or even adults supplement with Allantoin to add inches to their height?  Comfrey is available for sale: Starwest Botanicals Organic Comfrey Leaf Cut, 1-pound Bag

Profile of wound healing process induced by allantoin

"The allantoin, 5-ureide-hydantoin [stimulates] cell mitosis as well as promoter of epithelial stimulation"

Epithelial stimulation can increase height possibly.  Endothelial stimulation is certainly important.  Cell mitosis is the big one as it could indicate an increase in cellular proliferation as well.

"greater collagen neoformation"

Type II collagen is a part of bone.  The elastic part of bone.  Increasing collagen content could increase height.

"inhibiting the chemotaxis of inflammatory cells"

Reducing inflammation can increase height in youths by reducing cell death.

"allantoin [is effective] in fibroblastic proliferation and synthesis of extracellular matrix"

FGF has the potential to increase height as well.  Although only certain FGFs.  FGF receptors reduce the bodies levels of FGF and that may be responsible for growth plate senescence.

So Allantoin could possibly increase height by stimulating FGFs(which when reduced by FGF-receptors causes growth plate senescence), reduces inflammation(which kills cells including growth plate chondrocytes but histamine can increase chondrocyte proliferation), and by stimulating cellular mitosis.

Initiation of the bony epiphysis in long bones: chronology of interactions between the vascular system and the chondrocytes., reveals the importance of the chorioallatonoic memberane in the developing epiphysis.

There is no oral form of allantoin at this time so the best bet as of now may be the comfrey tea which may be toxic and has resulted in one hospitalization(well the formula which contains comfrey) in the adult height increase Monster Trial.  Some sources have resulted that allantoin can be absorbed effectively through the skin and that can be further absorbed by the bone.  Lawrens Cucumber Gel 4 oz with Collagen & Allantoin Skin Protector.  If you wanted to experiment you would rub it near the epiphysis' of the target bones.

Comfrey: A Clinical Overview

"The constituents of comfrey root include 0.6–4.7% allantoin; abundant mucilage polysaccharides (about 29%) composed of fructose and glucose units; phenolic acids such as rosmarinic acid (up to 0.2%), chlorogenic acid (0.012%) as well as caffeic acid (0.004%) and α-hydroxy caffeic acid; glycopeptides and amino acids; and triterpene saponins in the form of monodesmosidic and bidesmosidic glycosides based on the aglycones hederagenin (e.g. symphytoxide A), oleanolic acid and lithospermic acid"

"The therapeutic properties of comfrey are based on its antiinflammatory and analgesic effects. Comfrey also stimulates granulation and tissue regeneration, and supports callus formation{these could be related to any height increasing effects}"

"Wound-healing effects have been tested in 40% ethanolic comfrey root extracts and its high molecular weight (MW) fraction (> 1000 kD) in a test model of fibroblasts in a collagen matrix. Both inhibited shrinkage of the collagen matrix"


  1. Keeping a very close eye on the adult height increase blog spot...certainly their claims of an inch in two weeks might be a little much but they sound like they're onto something. What do you think Tyler? Lookis promising?

  2. (Hoping that Tyler Reads This)

    The formula that caused the hospitalization due to liver toxicity was made of actual chemicals. It contained a considerable amount of pure Symphytum (Comfrey) extract. This formula is now referred to as "Chemical Monster". It supposedly grew the guy who had to be hospitalized 6 inches in 45 days according to the people there. However, Tim refuses to make it anymore cause he doesn't want anyone dying. But at the very least some people over at AHI are trying to bum the chemical formula recipe off Tim so we can try it ourselves. I'd just take it in much reduced doses and over a more extended time period. Just thought you should know.

  3. I bought this,im 16 will this help me ?