Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adult Height Increase with Baryta Carb?

On the adult height increase website(or at least the old version), Baryta Carb(Barium Carbonate) is listed as a remedy for dwarfism.  What effects does Barium Carbonate have that could relate to height increase(or adult height increase)?

I couldn't find a lot about barium carbonate aside from it being toxic in large quantities.  What information is there on Barium(Ba 2+)?

Ba(2+)-induced action potentials in osteoblastic cells. 

"Trains of long-duration "action potentials" were induced by Ba2+ in osteoblast-like rat osteosarcoma cells (ROS 17/2.8), under current clamp and voltage clamp. Large depolarizing pulses were seen in microelectrode measurements at 37 degrees C following the addition of 10 or 20 mM Ba2+ to physiological bathing medium. Application of BAY K 8644 resulted in the onset of the pulses at earlier times and at more negative potentials. The pulses were blocked by nifedipine and Cd2+, but not by Ni2+. Large inward current pulses were seen in whole-cell patch technique voltage-clamp measurements at 37 degrees C in the presence of from 10 to 110 mM Ba2+ in the bathing medium. The current pulses were not seen at 22 degrees C in the presence of 110 mM Ba2+, but could be induced by BAY K 8644. These pulses were not blocked by TTX, but were blocked by nifedipine, Cd2+, Zn2+, Co2+, and by an increase in bathing [Ca2+]. The shape and frequency of the current pulses were the same as for voltage pulses under current clamp. A model that can explain these observations involves opening of L-type Ca2+ channels in a voltage-independent manner by cytosolic Ba2+ via a screening of Ca2+ from sites that produce either inactivation or a lower probability of opening in the activated state. There would be a closing of these channels at higher [Ba2+] as Ba2+ is forced onto these sites. A refractory period is also required to give repeated pulses of openings." 

Remember that the sodium-potassium pump may play a role in increasing chondrocetic hypertrophic volume.  Barium may play a role in modulating cell volume.  An increase in action potentials may increase the ability of chondrogenic and osteogeneic cells to respond to electromagnetic fields.  

Voltage-gated sodium and calcium currents in rat osteoblasts. 

"1. The whole-cell voltage-clamp mode of the patch-clamp technique was used to investigate the presence of voltage-gated inward currents in osteoblasts from newborn rat calvaria. 2. In K+-free solutions, three kinds of inward currents could be activated by depolarization: a voltage-gated Na+ current and two different types of Ca2+ currents. 3. The Na+ current was activated by depolarization above -40 mV in all the cells. It was reduced by half by 10 nM-TTX (tetrodotoxin). 4. In an isotonic Ba2+ external solution containing TTX, and with a Cs-EGTA internal solution buffered at pCa 8, depolarizing jumps induced both a transient Ba2+ current and a sustained Ba2+ current. The relative proportions of these two currents varied greatly among cells. 5. The transient and sustained Ba2+ currents differ with respect to their time course and their voltage dependence. 6. The depolarization-activated inward currents were also observed under more physiological conditions, in the presence of only 2 mM-external Ca2+ and with a K+ internal solution buffered at pCa 7. 7. A few records obtained in current clamp showed that it is possible to induce action potentials in osteoblasts." 

More evidence of Ba 2+ and electromagnetic fields affecting osteoblasts.  Barium can increase the responsiveness to electromagnetic fields(action potential) which can have height increasing effects. 

Can low frequency electromagnetic field help cartilage tissue engineering? 

"To understand whether a low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (EMF) could help cartilage tissue repair in the scope of tissue engineering, we tested how EMF affected collagen gel properties and the behaviors of chondrocyte cells embedded in collagen constructs. Collagen gel and primary chondrocytes embedded in collagen were exposed to EMF for 24 h. Gel and cells that were not exposed to EMF served as controls. Collagen gel exposed to EMF was more hydrophobic and less susceptible to enzymatic degradation (both p < 0.05) than control. Three weeks after EMF exposure, chondrocytes showed higher proliferation and lower glycosaminoglycan (GAG) production (both p < 0.05) than control. By the end of the third week, aggrecan, type I, II, and X collagen mRNA expressions in the EMF group were 1.8 times higher (p < 0.05), except for type II collagen) than control. The increase in gene expression did not show up in aggrecan histological staining and type II and type X collagen immunohistochemical staining. Cells from both groups kept a normal polygonal shape through out the test period. Our results suggested that one-time EMF exposure could promote collagen-embedded chondrocytes proliferation and their gene expressions. It also promoted short-term (week 1) GAG production and lacuna formation. No apparent GAG and type II collagen production was seen in histological staining three weeks after the EMF exposure." 

Electromagnetic fields increase chondrocytic cellular proliferation.  Barium increases the responsiveness to electromagnetic fields.  Barium Carbonate can increase height by increasing chondrocyte cellular proliferation and barium carbonate may cure dwarfism if it is caused by low sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.  

Barium Carbonate is available for sale(also as Baryta Carb) such as here: Boiron Baryta Carbonica 200C 75 pellets.  Watch out for toxicity.  Too high levels of barium may also result in the closure of voltage channels.  Barium is available in foods like hotdogs and fish.  You should probably only take Barium if you have a low sensitivity to electromagnetic fields otherwise you should just make sure you have a source of Barium in your diet. 


  1. Tyler do you think that using PEMF patches coupled with barium would increase the impact of the PEMF for everyone or only for those who did not respond well?

  2. Also I'm thinking that the key is going to be a combination of things...not just one. The compounds have to work with each other. I'm considering a six month trial (I'll document it) of a super far for sure I have the following -

    Sam-e (2000 mg daily coupled with folinic acid and B-vitamins)
    Calcium Phosphate
    Glucosamine/Chondroitin (unsulfated)
    Creatine + Lots of Milk for IGF-1 increase
    PEMF (heal fast) with barium

    What else do you think I should add to the list?

  3. Hey, I was watching a movie, where they said that if you land in glass and it damages your Achilles heel, you get achondroplasia, causing adult acquired drarfism..

  4. I think you should just get enough Barium in your food. That should be enough as Barium is toxic in high amounts. Barium also lowers action potential in high amounts.

    As for using the PEMF heal fast patch use it around your epiphysis and articular cartilage. Let us know how it goes. Before +after pics please

    5ft7: What was the movie?

  5. it was either american pie, or a movie where one of the wayans bros took a drug which made his senses 50x better

  6. i have also use this medicine for 3 months but i could not get any result....