Thursday, November 18, 2010

I added another half inch of height thanks to LSJL

I am now a hair under 5'10" and my tibial length is now 16 1/4" which is the same as it was on August 31th the last time I did a bone length increase update on the tibia.  It could be that I am evening out the limb length inequality between right and left leg and am growing taller that way.  The limb length inequality caused by the contra-lateral leg adapting to loading of the other leg.  Since I noticed that I am now focusing more on my right leg and as the discrepancy evens out I am growing taller.

So despite not getting a lot of results for a while I preservered. Looks like I just have to keep doing LSJL and grow taller 1/2 an inch or so at a time.  Now I just have to develop a cheap way to perform an Electromagnetic Field Based routine.


  1. One and a half inches is an insane amount of height from this if you ask me. That's great news, keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Tyler...could you post a video on how to do LSJL for the wrists? I'm not exactly sure where to load on them...

  3. That is great news! So, no new height came from the femur? What exercises do you do before you perform the loading? Are you loading 7/days per week? At what time during the day? Congrats! I hope with your help we can find the right routine to make lsjl as effective as you have.

  4. Congratulations! Keep it up! It gives the rest of us hope and encouragement.

  5. slimchanse: Maybe I'll start finding a way to post femur measurements. As I am feeling some good fluid flow in the femur. I'm loading about 4 days per week. Usually around noon. Have you gained any more height?

  6. I don't think I've gained anymore yet. I'm not very good w/ the clamp yet, especially on the ankles, but feel the fluid flow w/ a 50lb dumbbell on the ankles. Hopefully I will feel the same w/ the clamp on the tibia and femur soon. Maybe I need to up the time? Right now I am doing about 30 seconds. Also, could it be my age (35) and a decreasing production of msc's or something? Although, as shown in my pic, the growth around my ankle is there....

  7. dude congrats!
    i was thinking about growing taller with electric field
    i'm glad you start develop that method
    can i ask you about lsjl

  8. Congrats Tyler!

    I don't know what you mean by feeling the fluid flow in the bones. How can you feel fluid in the bones? I know it's not easy to explain a feeling but if you could just explain a bit more...

    By the way, how old are you Tyler? Do you think this could work in a >30 year old person?

  9. Tyler you think the height gain is permanent or are you afraid that once you stop the routine you'll lose your gains?

  10. Awesome, I´ve following you since the beginning of this year and LSJL finally seems to be working longterm.

    I will start LSJL if you gain another 0,5 inch.

  11. Hello,

    I have visited your blog site a couple of times but was not completely sure on how to implement the techniques you described, so I am really thankful that you have decided to upload videos on how to actually go about implementing the techniques.

    Just a few questions:

    Any size clamp that can fit over my ankle or knee will do, correct?

    and Also, you mention on your site many other methods which you do not really advocate as you really only advocate the LSJL method right? what is the reason for your mentioning of all these other methods?(which I dont really understand because of many specialized scientific terms).

    Once again, thanks a lot for the videos.

  12. I think the height increase is permanent. Any feeling in your bones is good, I just personally interpret it as fluid. I'm 28 and I think this could work in a 30+ year old person.

    Any size clamp that can fit over your ankle and knee will work yes.

    The other methods are mentioned to help brainstorm terms and develop new methods in the future. Also, to identify synergistic substances that can be used to accelerate gains.

  13. congrats. are there going to be any more videos on LSJL? Like on hips, or upper body stuff? I would appreciate one for the hips personally, do you think hip LSJL has contributed at all to your HI?

  14. I don't think its real.The measurement you have shown not proving anything.Please show us whole body against the wall. Before/after will be good.

    God it should be real i hope.Please provide some more picture in your support which can prove this is real.


  15. Great job, Tyler. congrats. But it's hard to tell from the pictures that you've grown because you don't stand right up against the tape measure so it's hard to see where your body lines up with it. Since you gained 1.5 inches, are your old pants too short in length now? Have you noticed any other signs to confirm you are taller?

  16. Is there a way to do LSJL on the shoulders and make it work?

    Also would loading both ankles at the same time be better?

  17. do you think it could work if after loadind the ankles and tibia, i seat with ankle weights for some time??

  18. Tyler, it would be interesting to have a separate blog entry describing reactions from people you know regarding your recent height increase. In terms of added height, 1.5 inches is an extreme amount, especially to be added after age 20.
    The 1.5 inches would be hard to miss and I'd imagine you'd get a lot of reaction from people you knew prior to your height gain. Do people comment? Do people you haven't seen in a while look down at your shoes to see if you're wearing taller heels? Do they ask what happened or how you did it? For someone with such an intense goal to be taller, I'd think this would be an endless high and a positive psychological experience you could write volumes on.

  19. WHOA there are videos now?!?

    Please direct to them can't find them at all

  20. Not to sound naive, but your starting pic here:

    has the measuring tape in line with your knee, whereas in this picture it is clearly above your knee by at least an inch.

  21. Great site! I've been reading everything for the last couple of weeks. Curious: No disrespect, but why doesn't anyone have any simple pictures of a before and after line on the wall? I see plenty of images of libs with rulers adjacent, but I can't tell anything from those.

    Forgive me if more conclusive proof is already on the site and I've simply missed them. Please let me know where if this is the case.

    Great research and tenacity!

  22. yea same here "I don't think its real.The measurement you have shown not proving anything.Please show us whole body against the wall. Before/after will be good."

  23. There are too many confounding variables for wall measurements. I'm working on the finger proof. Longer limbs equals increase in height. I was hoping that when I made such height increase claims that people would analyze the photos for their validity despite my measurement errors. Guess not. So I'm working on finger proof.

  24. I am looking forward for the finger proof, Tyler. Thank you for putting this together. I am also a bit skeptical as I've indicated earlier in my January 5 comment.

    Honestly, I've already bought the clamps but I haven't yet started. I guess I'm still waiting for further proof because I don't want to get disappointed.

    I'm 32 and hoping that this might work on me (fingers crossed). I am also glued to the LSJL forum.

    Many thanks for all the hard work!

  25. Hi Tyler,

    I'm a 21 year old guy and I am simply thrilled to see the progress that you have achieved with the LSJL routine. I want to know if this method can work for a person my age and what the chances are of me gaining any inches.

    Also, is this growth of yours the product of just LSJL or are you using some other routines as well. Additionally, any suggestions on diet? Something like high protein and calcium etc.?

    Thanks a lot and all the best, for if you can get results, I too have high hopes.


  26. Hi Tyler, it is a lot of time that you don't post any increment, do you peak? LSJL has a limit?

    Thanks in advance!