Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lateral Synovial Joint Loading Illustrated Part II: The knees

The knees are harder to get than the ankles, you may not be able to generate as much pressure there.  Just keep practicing.  The exact spot on the epiphysis of the knee doesn't matter as long as you are hitting the epiphysis.  Try to increase the peak fluid flow you generate over time.  I recommend doing it for one minute so you have time to work your way up to more pressure.

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  1. Hey Tyler, this is Tomas from several months ago. Just thought I'd pitch in how I target the epiphysis, and to see your input on my method. I sit on the floor then bend the knee I want to load up to my chest finally applying the clamp. I feel that this sufficiently exposes that tibia ends that we want to load. Now that I finally have a phone that can take pictures, I'll send you a picture if my description is unclear. As far as height increase, I haven't measured myself yet being that I sporadically perform LSJL, but I do feel that the tibia areas I load are bigger/ more prominent.