Monday, May 31, 2010

Grow Taller by Cycling with Ankle Weights?

As many of you know Shinbone Routine 2010 involves cycling with ankle weights.  I've always thought ankle weights were rather cumbersome as they always keep bouncing around on your ankle.  Maybe someone knows a way to keep them tight?  Anyways, the method involves putting an ankle weight on the upper part of the diaphysis of your tibia and another ankle weight on the lower part of your diaphysis of the tibia.  Sky doesn't have before and after pictures yet but he claims that it's similar to Ginza Kogima's method.  I went to Ginza Kojima's page but I couldn't find any before and after pictures(although I have seen some on another one Kojima's pages albeit in Japanese). 

Kojima's method involves some sort of green light(something to decrease Bone Mineral Content I believe) and a rotary device.  Now what does a rotary device do but place spiral forces on the bone?  So Kojima's method works by two things: decreasing Bone Mineral Content and causing spiral forces.  I don't like however that the method is intentionally vague given that distraction osteogenesis is so incredibly transparent in regards to the research involved and it works.

So I can't trust Ginza Kojima's "success" as proof of Shinbone Routine 2010 given that we don't know about the green light nor how exactly the rotary machine works.  I do however think that cycling with ankle weights could work if you manage to get these ankle weights to stay still. 

The cycling motion in combination with the force of the ankle weights puts a twisting and pulling force on the bone.  Pulling plus microfractures in the cortical bone equals height gain.  Now is the pulling and twisting force of cycling with ankle weights sufficient?  Are the ankle weights too cumbersome?

That's what we need the before and after pictures for.


  1. Hi, would you consider this a relatively safe method to attempt?

  2. yo man, lsjl is easy on my inner ankles but super painful on the outer ones, the weights are now so heavy that i can really find the sweet spot there..

    do you suggest using lower weights for the outer ankles? i wish i could suck it up but.. it hurts more than a punch to the nose lol

  3. Your outer ankles are your fibula so you don't have to load them to grow taller. They don't do anything to the fibula during distraction osteogenesis. I'm not sure which weight is best, I'm personally trying to use as heavy weights as possible that I can do correctly. But duration and optimal load is something that only comes with experimental.

    In regards to pain, usually with pain the body releases endorphins as well so focus on the endorphins and not the pain. And I'd say pain is fine as long as it goes away soon after you stop unlike a punch to the nose which you will be feeling for a few days.

  4. I think that green light is a fake... The green light cannot reach the bone.... Is coreografic...

  5. do you load the fibula? by the way, why aren't you so excited? i mean you've gained an inch and proved that works..

  6. also if you'd only load the tibia, wouldn't that mean that that will be the only bone to grow and that eventually the pressure on the fibula would be so great that it would break?

  7. Wouldn't this likely cause tendon and ligament tears?

  8. I do load the fibula as I want proportional growth but as I point out they don't stretch the fibula during limb lengthening(distraction osteogenesis).

    I'm not excited because I'm used to being right but people just dismissing it(fallacy of authority). Luckily, there are several people trying LSJL and from reports, people are pretty dedicated to it and performing it properly. I won't be excited until there's sufficient proof to get past the whole authority hurdle.

    There have been studies done on how the fibula adapts to tibial overgrowth. I can't remember them off hand.

    If the load is on the right place(the bone) then you shouldn't suffer tendon and ligament tears.

    But take the upright row for instance. It doesn't instantly damage the ligaments in the shoulder but it provides constant shearing forces on the ligaments there over time(and ligaments don't heal well due to lack of stem cells). You can instantly feel the shear on your ligaments there during that exercise though.

    If you decide to experiment with that method(cycling with ankle weights) then adjust it if you feel shearing forces on your ligaments.

  9. Is stretching the shin bone as simple as microfractures being created, bone is stretched, bone heals longer, and that is that?

    What other short or long term concerns do you think there would be towards cycling with ankle weights?

  10. Just in your opinion. Obviously everything we do is at our own risk. Thanks again.

  11. Expertimenter AlexJune 3, 2010 at 1:34 AM

    I have started LSJL at 5 foot 5.7 inches, using 33 pound dumbbells + pressing as hard as i can on my ankles.

    I do it on my tibia for one minute per ankle. Once in the morning, once at night.

    I will try to up that to 5 minutes per ankle soon.

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