Sunday, May 2, 2010

Growth Plate Theory: Endocronilogical Control or Localized Control

Height FX is a dedicated height seeker and the producer of the Height Effects.  Whether he is wrong or right, he is still a devoted height seeker and is capable at minimum of producing constructive failures that we can learn from(in contrast to scams like Height Max which provide no relevant information).

Here's what I've said about inhibiting Estrogen to Increase Height.  Essentially I found data that supported the hypothesis that growth plate de-activation occurs as a result of depletion of mesenchymal stem cells in the growth plate.  This theory is good for Lateral Synovial Joint Loading as it does not preclude the fact that the growth plates merely deactivate rather than fuse and thus are subject to the recruitment of new mesenchymal stem cells into the growth plate.

Height FX has a different theory and believes that inhibiting Estrogen is the key to unlimited height.  Under Height FX's model Lateral Synovial Joint Loading will only work in children by trabecular microfractures enabling the recruitment of new stem cells and in adults by Lateral Synovial Joint Loading stretching the cortical bone.  He believes that Growth Plate Fusion is a constant war between chondrogenesis and osteogenesis.  If you can tip the scales in favor of chondrogenesis(whether through localized methods or endocronoligical ones) over osteogenesis(slow it down by inhibiting Estrogen) then you can increase your final maximum height.  

The Michael Phelps paradox of long arms without long legs shows how important localized factors are.  It is completely explainable by endocronological means to have a long torso but short arms and legs as they are determined by different endocronological mechanisms.  But for people like Michael Phelps who has the leg length of a 5'8" male and the arm span of someone who is 6'8" that can only be explained by factors localized within the growth plate.

If Estrogen plays such a large role in growth plate fusion, then how do high bodyfat percentage people(body fat produces estrogen) like Queen Latifah, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Dr. Phil manage to be so tall?  They most likely have enhanced sensitivity to insulin.  Bone does have metabolic factors.  Their enhanced sensitivity to insulin enables them to more rapidly gain height(plus muscle and fat mass) faster than the estrogen can take it away.

The correlation between body size and height is also explainable by the exhaustion of proliferative capacity growth plate model.  The correlation is only perceived and height is mostly determined by localized factors within the growth plate(with possibly things that affect mesenchymal stem cells like IGF-1 making a difference).

Height FX recommends Letrozole as it suppresses Estrogen activity but he also believes that chondrogenesis must be accelerated by extraneous IGF-1/HGH.  The reason that HGH doesn't cause gigantism is that HGH accelerates both chondrogenesis and osteogenesis. 

It remains to be seen whether the endochronolocial model or the localized stem cell model is correct or whether a third model is in place.

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