Monday, May 10, 2010

Height Increase with Ankle Weights?

Ankle weights used to be the big thing in height increase but not anymore.  If you notice on, Sky's height increase experimenters are cycling while their shin bones are being pulled with iron plates not ankle weights. 

Do ankle weights have any possible applications for height increase?  The main problem with ankle weights is that they place a stretching force on the cartilage and not on the bone.  Now, the growth plate contains cartilage but scientists used to attempt to perform epiphyseal distraction which was found to only increase growth rate and not final adult height.  This is true whether you are standing or sleeping with ankle weights.  Articular Cartilage grows in response to stem cells from microfracture not as a result of being stretched.  Ligaments respond to being stretched but they respond by adding more fibers to withstand more of the stretching force not by growing longer.

Kicking or jogging with ankle weights is another issue entirely.  Ankle weights bounce all over the place.  Now when you're running these ankle weights may bounce up and down on your ankle causing trabecular microfractures in the epiphysis of your long bones but ankle weights are frankly so cumbersome that it is not something to count on.  Now kicking with ropes w/ iron plates might work as the load is actually on the bone and thanks to microfractures, bone should be able to lengthen in response to being stretched.

Ankle weights had their time to be experimented on.  It's time to move on to bigger and better methods.  Unless someone comes up with a revolutionary new method.


  1. What about Juan's story? It is old, but definitely seems creditable based on the fotos. It looks like the cartilage under his knee has grown. From what I get from the story, it says that he did kicks w/ ankle weights and sat w/ weights (I would assume iron plates attached to ankle weights). He also used gluco/chondro supplements to aid in the rebuilding of the cartilage. Do you believe we could grow and inch or more w/ a similar technique as it states in the story? If we could grow an inch per method, and use multiple methods, we could really make some serious increases. How would you do it? Btw, great work on the consistent research postings. Thank you.

  2. Hi Tyler, pardon me. Could you explain what is epiphyseal distraction? is it similar to stretching of the epiphyseal part of the bone?
    getting confuse with all the theories on the net. Thanks for reading..great research you have here.

  3. Actually, Juan's knees do look thicker than average but the patella is a short bone and it's easier for it to grow in height than a long bone. There's no before pictures but Juan could have grown via microfractures of the patella releasing stem cells into the articular cartilage of the knee and an increase in cortical volume plus periosteal width of the patella.

    Epiphyseal distraction is a method of forcing open the growth plates.

  4. you should try to go to different hospitals and contact some surgeons about your theories and make up something to open them again, go get rich lol

    but give it to me for free

    also patent lsjl if you think it really works (1/2 inch or more cant be measurement error)

    no need to approve just read


    this is the same alex from before

    by the way i started lsjl with 30 pound dumbbells on my ankles but i dont feel any stretching even when i push really hard.

  5. i am the person who asked about epiphyseal distraction. Jus wondering is sky shinbone 2011
    's concept similar to that of epiphyseal distraction since he is targeting the growth plate of the ankle? what do you tink in your opinion the differences or similarities? Hope to get your advice.

  6. LSJL can't be patented, can you patent a bicep curl? It's not necessarily a stretch on the bone that causes the height growth. It could be stem cells or something related to intermedullary pressure. Also, just because you don't feel the stretch doesn't mean it's not being stretched, could just mean your nerves aren't sensitive to it.

    I could go to a doctor and demand X-rays but I'd have to pay out of pocket and unless the height growth is due to a reactivated growth plate it won't show any difference.

    Sky's Shinbone 2011 is not similar to epiphyseal distraction. It's stretching the cortical bone. The end of the bone is where you get the most torque. The microfractures caused during the stretch help the bone keep it's stretched state.

  7. could you please explain just how ropes with plates stretches a different area than ankle weights? i dont see why it would be significantly different
    and just how would you set this up? i see the pics sky has, but its hard to tell where/how the rope is tied to the leg.