Monday, May 17, 2010

How to get a Longer Torso

A lot of people want to know how they can get a longer torso.  The torso is made up of irregular bones.  Short bones(like the patella) are able to grow by appositional bone growth.  It was speculated that one of the Easyheight experimenters Juan developed a larger kneecap.  Appositional growth is how long bones growth in width either by an increase in cortical bone deposits by osteoblasts beneath the periosteum or by shearing forces increasing periosteal width.  Since short bones are the same length and width wise short bones such as the patella are able to increase in height.  In addition, substances like HGH and IGF-1 are much more effective at increasing the size of short and irregular bones.  IGF-1 especially which increases the number of osteoblasts.

For irregular bones, all the methods available for short bones are available but it may be possible to increase the irregular bones by an LSJL style routine.  For example, performing Lateral Synovial Joint Loading on the Mandibular Condyle or the Spinous Process.  Now you can perform LSJL on the Mandibular Condyle via tapping but the Spinous Process is significantly harder to get too.  You may however be able to cause trabecular microfractures by tapping the spinous process of the bone that however is not lateral loading which may be needed.  It would be interesting to test LSJL on any irregular bone projection.

Of course, we can always grow by decompressing the discs and by insuring the discs have proper nutrition.  But how do we get a longer torso?  Anything that increases osteoblast activity(like IGF-1 which is increased by exercise in general) and causes shearing forces on the periosteum surrounding the spinal irregular bones. Activities like shadow boxing, freestyle swimming, and heavy weight lifting will cause shearing forces on the periosteum.  As for increasing osteoblast activity that's a whole 'nother entry...


  1. i tot that it was similar cos u did mention too that LSJL also stretches the bone at its end..
    the lateral forces does pushes the bone apart further which made sense to me.. why is it different to sky shinbone routine? Pardon me for my lack of knowledge in these ortopedi field areas which perhaps u could enlighten me on..

  2. In preious posts you said that the weight should be focused on the bones rather then on the muscles for the routine to be effective. how do we do this on the spine?
    does the lsjl routine from 16th april need modification or is it still up to date?

  3. The LSJL routine from 16th of April is still up to date. LSJL is different from Sky's routine because it involves proliferation of stem cells and differentiation into chondrocytes whereas Sky's routine involves stretching the bone.

  4. is this achievable post pubertal growth and how much legth can you add?